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Shiba Inu Is Gaining Real-World Traction With Widespread Business Acceptance

source-logo  thecryptobasic.com 20 June 2024 09:48, UTC

Shiba Inu (SHIB) gains traction as more businesses, including AMC, Newegg, and DevourGO, accept it for payments, marking a rise in its real-world utility.

A recent Shiba Inu blog post shared by marketing specialist Lucie shows how SHIB is shedding its meme coin label and proving its value as a legitimate digital asset.

This shift is evident as an increasing number of businesses globally now accept Shiba Inu as payment, allowing holders to use their tokens for everyday purchases.

Not Just a Meme Coin: Where You Can Actually Spend Your Shiba Inu (SHIB) https://t.co/I2y8adCNNk

— 𝐋𝐔𝐂𝐈𝐄 | SHIB.IO (@LucieSHIB) June 20, 2024

Shiba Inu in Everyday Commerce

In the blog post, a landmark achievement for Shiba Inu was highlighted, which marked the first instance of a meme coin facilitating a complete web3 food delivery transaction. DevourGO, a prominent web3 food ordering platform, enabled this historic event.

Beyond this, SHIB is accepted by a diverse range of businesses, from booking flights and ordering food to shopping for electronics and luxury goods.

Entertainment and Retail Acceptance

In the entertainment sector, SHIB has been embraced by major movie chains such as AMC Theatres and Regal Cinemas, where users can purchase tickets, concessions, and merchandise. This trend extends to retail, with Newegg, a computer and electronics retailer, allowing SHIB payments.

GameStop, a video game retailer, also accepts SHIB, allowing gamers to buy products using the digital currency. Additionally, Twitch users can support their favorite streamers with SHIB, adding another layer of utility to the token.

Travel, Utilities, and Luxury Goods

The Travel and utility sectors have also integrated SHIB into their payment systems. Through platforms like Flexa, some airlines and travel services now accept SHIB, providing more options for travelers.

Moreover, Sling TV provides an option to pay for services and subscriptions using SHIB, whereas Menufy enables customers to order food from numerous restaurants and make payments with SHIB.

Luxury brands such as Gucci accept SHIB at a number of their retail stores, along with Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. Whole Foods, via the Flexa network, now accepts SHIB for grocery shopping. Petco, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Ulta Beauty, and Lowe’s are among other retailers joining this trend.

Shiba Inu in Philanthropy and High-Value Transactions

Shiba Inu’s utility extends to philanthropic efforts, with the American Cancer Society, the American Red Cross, and the British Red Cross accepting SHIB for donations. This move highlights the token’s potential in supporting charitable causes.

High-value transactions are also becoming common with SHIB. APMEX, a precious metals retailer, and David SW, a seller of high-quality timepieces, accept SHIB, showcasing the token’s versatility.

The most recent adoption, per The Crypto Basic, was by Crypto.com. The Hong Kong founded firm expanded its support for Shiba Inu, allowing users to fund their Visa Cards with SHIB. This development was communicated to users via email and Twitter.

Since its listing in March 2022, Crypto.com has continued to enhance SHIB’s presence by adding new trading pairs and launching reward programs featuring the token. The exchange’s promotion of SHIB on Google Play Store and App Store further shows its belief in the token.