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Shytoshi Kusama Hits Big Milestone on X, SHIB Army Delighted

source-logo  u.today 18 June 2024 14:51, UTC

The mysterious leader of the SHIB developer team known by the pseudonym Shytoshi Kusama has reached a major milestone on social media giant X.

X user and a member of the Japanese SHIB army @kuro_9696_9696 published a screenshot of Kusama’s X page. The number one million is highlighted on it, and the SHIB fan tweeted that Shytoshi Kusama’s follower count has reached 1,000,000.

Congratulations to @ShytoshiKusama on reaching 1 million followers!😍🎉🎊
Thank you Shytoshi for your passion and contribution to SHIB.
Let's continue our journey together to the moon and even to Mars! 🚀
SHIB changes the world!💪🔥#SHIBARMYSTRONG #柴犬コイン #シバイヌコイン pic.twitter.com/Jvr33CpJhB

— KURO🐾SHIBARMY JPN🇯🇵 (@kuro_9696_9696) June 17, 2024

Shytoshi’s actual page shows a number very much close to that – 999.8K. Sometimes the figure that shows the follower count can reach a high and then roll slightly back quickly since users often come and go in waves, first starting to follow accounts and then unfollowing them quickly.

SHIB rep passes Shytoshi's message to SHIB army

Earlier this week, the official social media marketing lead of the SHIB team, Lucie, took to X to address the Shiba Inu army with a bullish message about the SHIB ecosystem’s future.

She titled her post “Building the future together,” reminding the community that the SHIB ecosystem is currently in the building stage. Here, Lucie quoted Sytoshi’s frequent saying: “The moat has been built to protect the castle, now we build.”

So far, according to the marketing lead, SHIB has entered step 1 and stage 1 of the project’s road map and, tantalizingly, “there’s so much more to come.”

Lucie likened the SHIB blockchain to a railway track where the developers are building stations for users and dApp builders. The team is currently busy updating their tech, connecting with big players in the crypto space and ensuring “the overall health of our ecosystem.”

Lucie also revealed that the SHIB team is collaborating with “some key industry folks.” She explained that this will be a big project, and it will take some time. However, as soon as “the stations” are built, “it’s going to be a whole new story.”

SHIB burns surge 10,880%

According to data shared by the Shibburn tracking website, over the past 24 hours, the SHIB burn rate has jumped by a whopping 10,880%. Over this period of time, an impressive total of 23,106,750 SHIB meme coins were transferred to unspendable blockchain wallets.

Ten minutes ago, the largest single SHIB chunk was burned, which comprised roughly half the total amount of Shiba Inu destroyed since yesterday – 11,176,306 SHIB.