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Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) Unveils Walletless Verified Credentials to Combat Fake Accounts

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 18 June 2024 14:37, UTC

The Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) has introduced a new feature called Verified Credentials (VCs). It aims at enhancing trust in public discourse. It will also reduce the problem of bots and fake accounts on social media. This new solution was officially unveiled at the Digital Identity unConference Europe (DICE) 2024 in Zurich, Switzerland.

Verified Credentials Enhance User Privacy with Walletless Approach

Verified Credentials also allow users to provide or exchange personal information quickly and safely at the same time avoiding using conventional e-wallets. This walletless approach protects users’ privacy and anonymity while ensuring that users have overall control over their information.

ICP has extended the Web3 capabilities by going beyond traditional blockchain and smart contract frameworks and has incorporated VCs into the Internet Identity (II) system. Internet Identity offers strong user authentication employing the passkeys instead of passwords and, therefore, is more resilient to phishing threats. It also makes it more secure and convenient than usual sign-in mechanisms which are typically used by websites.

Jan Camenisch, CTO of the DFINITY Foundation, highlighted the benefits of this new feature. In simple terms, Internet Identity’s new feature called Verifiable Credentials helps solve long-standing issues in the realm of online privacy-preserving authentication all that is required is a computing device and browser with a passkey.

PoUH in ICP Ecosystem Aims to Reduce Social Media Manipulation

Among the advanced use cases of the Verified Credentials in the ICP ecosystem, the Proof of Unique Humanity (PoUH) is important. This feature is provided by the on-chain messaging system, OpenChat and enhanced by Decide AI. It ties a credential to a biometric detail including facial or fingerprints or palm. It also ensures individuals can only create an account with a given website or application.

The introduction of PoUH is to tackle the manipulation in social media by minimizing on the number of bots and fake accounts. This is especially important because in the upcoming 2024 National Elections, nearly half of the world’s population going to vote.

Queensland University of Technology published a report stating that the cases of bots sharing disinformation was on the rise. Verified Credentials and PoUH are expected to enhance more positive, ethical and virtuous conversations on the social networks than the multiple fake account holders and fake news.