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PEPE Reports Over 50% Gain in 30 Days: What’s Next?

source-logo  cryptonewsland.com 13 June 2024 01:39, UTC
  • PEPE has shown impressive price growth, increasing by 6.47% in the last 24 hours and by 51.28% over the past 30 days.
  • Trading volume for PEPE surged by 20.78% to $1.65 billion, driven significantly by activity on OKX and Bitget exchanges.
  • Open interest in PEPE rose by 4.06% to $140.63 million, indicating heightened market speculation and participation.

PEPE’s current trading price stands at $0.00001314, showing a notable 6.47% increase over the past day alone. This uptrend is part of a broader bullish trend for PEPE, with its price skyrocketing by 51.28% over the past 30 days, highlighting its strong performance in the market.

In addition to its price gains, PEPE has defied the overall market trend which has been largely bearish. Despite downward pressure attributed to factors such as the upcoming Consumer Price Index (CPI) report and Federal Reserve meetings, PEPE has continued to attract attention and investment.

This resilience is underscored by a surge in trading volume, which has risen by 20.78% to reach $1.65 billion within 24 hours. Major exchanges like OKX and Bitget have notably contributed to this trading volume, further emphasizing PEPE’s current market momentum.

Moreover, open interest in PEPE has also experienced an increase of 4.06%, now totaling $140.63 million. Open interest serves as an indicator of market speculation and participation, suggesting growing confidence and activity surrounding the meme coin.

Analysts attribute PEPE’s recent rally to heightened speculative trading, increased community engagement, and strategic investments made in anticipation of future market movements. With the current bullish sentiment surrounding PEPE, there is optimism that its upward trajectory could continue, particularly if the broader market stabilizes following key economic reports and meetings ahead.