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IOTAEVM Launch Imminent: A Game-Changer for IOTA and RWA Tokenization

source-logo  crypto-news-flash.com 23 May 2024 17:50, UTC
  • LayerZero’s ongoing deployment of contracts on the IOTAEVM chain signifies significant progress towards this imminent release.
  • TokenySolutions’ involvement in deploying their smart contracts on the IOTAEVM chain marks a significant milestone for IOTA.

In an update from IOTA analyst ID.iota, anticipation is mounting within the IOTA community as the IOTAEVM launch draws near. The release shall happen within the next two weeks, signaling significant developments on the horizon.

According to ID.iota, LayerZero is currently in the process of deploying its contracts, a crucial step toward the imminent release. Additionally, TokenySolutions has already deployed their smart contracts on the IOTAEVM chain, a move that underscores their commitment to the IOTA ecosystem.


IOTAEVM is imminent 🔥

Release likely in the coming two weeks ⏳

Brace yourself for what’s coming 🦁#RWA‘s will have a new home. IOTA.

How can i be so sure about the release?

LayerZero is currently deploying their Contracts 👇

Wanna know a secret?

⬇️… pic.twitter.com/3JhhdNNXlF

— ID.iota (@id_iota) May 22, 2024

This development marks a significant milestone for IOTA, particularly as TokenySolutions is recognized as a key player in tokenization across various sectors, including real estate, private equity, funds, and debt. With over $28 billion USD worth of tokenized assets on chain, Tokeny’s involvement further solidifies IOTA’s position in the market.

The deployment of the TREX-Platform by Tokeny enables the safe and compliant onboarding of various real-world assets (RWAs) and investors onto the IOTA network, signaling a promising future for the platform’s expansion into new markets and use cases, per the Crypto News Flash report.

The Progress In IOTA EVM Launch

The imminent launch of IOTA EVM has sparked excitement within the IOTA community. This new development promises to unleash the potential of the $660 million ecosystem, enabling various applications such as tokenization, DeFi, and decentralized identity.

According to a report by Crypto News Flash, the IOTA EVM underwent a soft launch on the Shimmer test network back in March. Susanne Krone, the head of the ecosystem at the IOTA Foundation, described this soft launch as the initial phase of a carefully planned rollout. During this phase, close collaboration with the builder’s community aims to establish the foundation and necessary infrastructure for future endeavors.

The successful launch of the IOTA EVM will further pave the way for the launch of IOTA 2.0 which would significantly enhance the platform infrastructure. The IOTA 2.0 public testnet was launched earlier this week, marking a significant step forward for the team. Reports from the community suggest that the IOTA 2.0 mainnet is slated for a tentative launch around August this year, with the team currently engaged in active preparations.