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AIOZ Network Makes History as First DePIN Listed on Nvidia Catalog

source-logo  coinengineer.io 22 May 2024 20:11, UTC

AIOZ Network has achieved a major milestone, becoming the first DePIN company listed on the prestigious Nvidia Accelerated Applications Catalog. This marks a significant step forward for decentralized infrastructure, granting Nvidia’s vast user base access to AIOZ’s powerful DePIN technology for application development.

What is the Nvidia Accelerated Applications Catalog?

The Nvidia Accelerated Applications Catalog is a comprehensive resource for developers and businesses seeking DPU (Data Processing Unit) and GPU-accelerated applications, tools, and services. It features industry leaders like Adobe, Epic Games, and Autodesk.

AIOZ Network is pioneering web3 solutions for AI computation, data storage, and streaming infrastructure. Their global network boasts over 160,000 human-powered nodes that provide the foundation for storage and streaming applications built on the AIOZ network.

The recent launch of AIOZ Node V3 in Q1 2024 further expands capabilities. Users can now passively contribute their idle GPU and CPU resources to power AIOZ’s infrastructure, including the upcoming Web3 AI solution W3AI, slated for release later this year.

Proven DePIN Storage Solutions

AIOZ Network has already established itself in the DePIN storage space with the launch of two successful solutions in 2024: AIOZ W3S and AIOZ W3IPFS. These solutions have garnered substantial traction, with various clients in Web3 gaming, NFTs, and beyond utilizing them for their products.

AIOZ W3AI: Empowering Web3 AI Developers

The highly anticipated launch of AIOZ W3AI later in 2024 will empower AI developers worldwide. They will be able to leverage AIOZ’s DePIN GPU and CPU for their web3 AI applications. Additionally, the W3AI marketplace will facilitate the secure storage and sharing of AI models, enabling monetization, collaborative training, and inference with homomorphic encryption.

AIOZ Network Founder Erman Tjiputra expressed his enthusiasm: “We are thrilled to be the first web3 solution on the Nvidia catalog. This significant exposure opens doors to a global audience of developers and tech companies. It aligns perfectly with our mission to create an open and decentralized landscape for the future of web3 AI computing, data storage, and streaming services. We eagerly welcome future users to explore our innovative web3 infrastructure.”