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RippleX Releases Funds to Developers: Details

source-logo  u.today 21 May 2024 15:36, UTC

In a significant move to foster innovation and growth within the XRP Ledger ecosystem, RippleX has announced the latest recipients of its prestigious XRPL Grants, with seven outstanding projects being selected to receive funding and support.

The Wave 7 Awardees represent diverse visionaries, each poised to contribute uniquely to the XRP Ledger (XRPL) ecosystem.

The XRPL Grants program is a cornerstone of Ripple's commitment to empowering developers. By providing essential funding, Ripple catalyzes projects that promise to enhance the usability and functionality of the XRP Ledger.

RippleX's XRPL Grants program operates on a rolling basis, ensuring continuous support for developers and entrepreneurs eager to contribute to the XRPL ecosystem.

In an official blog post, RippleX announces the XRPL Grants Wave 7 Awardees, highlighting several projects built on the XRP Ledger. The judging committee conducted a thorough review before selecting the Wave 7 award recipients.

(1/9) XRPL Grants Wave 7 Awardees just dropped and we’re excited to highlight some amazing projects building on the #XRPLedger!

Get to know Wave 7 Awardees below:https://t.co/ZotFclaviP

— RippleX (@RippleXDev) May 21, 2024

The Wave 7 cohort had 132 applications from all over the world, which was an impressive number. Following a thorough screening procedure, seven outstanding initiatives from seven countries and four continents were selected, with a total investment of more than $700,000.

These recipients represent a wide range of financial use cases, highlighting XRP Ledger's numerous applications in decentralized finance (DeFi), payments, real world asset (RWA) tokenization, NFTs and authentication.

As RippleX unveils the XRPL Grants Wave 7 Awardees, the blockchain community watches with excitement. With this support, the XRPL ecosystem is set to thrive, innovate and redefine the boundaries of what is possible in blockchain technology.