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Here are the Bitcoin and Altcoin Portfolios of Giant Market Makers! Which Altcoin Do They Hold Most?

source-logo  en.bitcoinsistemi.com 15 May 2024 17:42, UTC

Investors are curious about the BTC and altcoin portfolios of giant corporate companies that affect prices with Bitcoin and altcoin purchases and sales.

At this point, cryptocurrency analysis company Arkham announced the current cryptocurrency portfolio of giant market makers Wintermute, GSR, Amber Group and DWF Labs in its post.


Accordingly, Wintermute's portfolio includes ARKM, USDC, USDT, LDO, WLD, WBTC, WETH, FLT, BMX and ETH.


When looking at GSR's portfolio, the altcoin named GALA comes first, while there are also altcoins such as PRIME, BIGTIME, ARKM, WLD.

3.Amber Group:

Thirdly, examining Amber Group's portfolio, Arkham stated that Ethereum was in the first place. Apart from ETH, there are also altcoins such as ID, MKR, WETH and LINK.

4.DWF Labs:

Finally, looking at DWF Labs' portfolio, Arkham shared that the altcoin named ORBS ranked first.

Apart from ORBS, DWF Labs' portfolio also includes various altcoins such as TOKEN, TRADE, AXL, JASMY, LIT.

Dashboard: Top Market Makers

Our team made a dashboard showing the on-chain holdings of top crypto Market Makers.

You can review on-chain portfolios and token holdings of Market Makers including:

➣ Wintermute
➣ Amber Group
➣ DWF Labs

and many others, all in one… pic.twitter.com/XC0pRBZ0c3

— Arkham (@ArkhamIntel) May 15, 2024

*This is not investment advice.