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Dive into RZR's Dystopian Soundtrack With Exclusive Gala Music Drops!

source-logo  blockster.com 12 April 2024 18:48, UTC

Gala Music, in collaboration with Gala Film, is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of the RZR soundtrack, the immersive score of the highly anticipated sci-fi series premiering globally on April 14th, 2024.

Award-winning composer Adrien Prevost takes the helm, crafting a captivating soundscape that brings the dystopian world of RZR to life. This marks a historic first for Gala Music – The First Ever Film Score on Gala Music! Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to own a piece of the RZR universe.

The RZR Score isn't just background music; it's a portal to the series' heart. Each meticulously composed track by Prevost immerses listeners in the dynamic soundscapes that perfectly complement RZR's thrilling narrative.

These exclusive, limited-edition tracks (only 100 available per track) are a must-have for:

Sci-Fi Fans: Immerse yourself in the thrilling soundscapes that perfectly complement the on-screen action and dystopian atmosphere of RZR.
Music Collectors: Own a piece of RZR and Gala Music history with these unique tracks, created by an award-winning composer.
Supporters of Innovative Storytelling: By owning these tracks, you are a catalyst for groundbreaking storytelling on the revolutionary Gala Film platform.

Starting 1 pm EST Friday, April 12th, the RZR track drops begin with the release of the first two tracks, "I AM RZR" and "Operation." Fans can look forward to additional track drops every two weeks, including "Grimm vs Villa" on April 26th and the bonus track "Nightlife" on May 10th. Each track will be available for purchase in a limited quantity of 100 for $100.

Meet the creators! Join an AMA with Adrien Prevost and David Bianchi (RZR creator) on Friday, April 12th.

For more information about the RZR soundtrack, including how to purchase the limited-edition tracks, visit Gala Music.

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