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Cardano Web3 Wallet Lace Gets Game-Changing Release: Details

source-logo  u.today 03 April 2024 18:49, UTC

Cardano light wallet platform Lace has announced the release of Lace v.1.9, which includes some exciting new features and enhancements.

Lace acts as a gateway for users to interact with the Cardano blockchain, enabling them to securely store, transmit and receive ADA (Cardano's native cryptocurrency) and Cardano native tokens.

This light wallet platform, which is intended to optimize the user experience in the Web3 environment, has a game-changing boost with the latest upgrades: the first phase multi-account and multi-wallet features.

The latest release, v. 1.9, introduces multi-wallets and a multi-account setup for the Lace wallet.

👛👛👛Why have one when you can have more? #LacePlatform 1.9 just went live with new multi-account and multi-wallet features.

Read more here: https://t.co/gM9OgdUBpa

— lace.io (@lace_io) April 3, 2024

Lace's new multi-account setup, as detailed in a blog post, enables users to generate several addresses or accounts within a single wallet using a single recovery phrase. This enables effective asset management by allowing users to separate transactions or stake delegations without having to handle multiple seeds.

The most recent Lace upgrade also adds the ability to have multiple wallets, each with its own set of keys and recovery phrases, allowing users to employ a combination of hot and cold wallets to improve security and protect their assets.

Users will be able to organize their assets and transactions, while at the same time reducing risk exposure in case any one wallet is compromised.

The latest improvements seen for Lace reflect those of the entire Cardano ecosystem. Cardano is steadily progressing, approaching full P2P node operations. The upcoming Ouroboros Genesis release is scheduled to be deployed as part of the Chang upgrade, targeted for this summer.