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Solana Whales Are Making Moves – Here’s The Direction They’re Headed In

source-logo  newsbtc.com 02 April 2024 22:19, UTC

The price of Solana had briefly crossed $200 before tumbling back down in the last week. This move has triggered a wave of movement across the market, and whales are now showing their hands. Over the last day, there have been a number of notable whale transactions and their destinations could give an inkling as to how these large crypto investors are looking at the market right now.

Solana Whales Move Hundreds Of Millions Worth Of SOL

The whale movements began on Monday when the market had first begun to slow down, with the Solana price falling below $190. The on-chain data tracking platform Whale Alert, reported these transactions, a number of which seemed to happened right next to one another.

The first transaction was one carrying 993,453 SOL which was worth $189.55 million at the time. Then minutes later, the tracker reported the movement of another 1,895,729 SOL worth $361.7 million. Not too long after, it reported a third transaction carrying 1,096,940 SOL worth $209.29 million. Then, the last transaction in this row of transactions was 1 million SOL, valued at $190 million at the time of the transaction.

Now, all of these Solana transactions had originated from unknown wallets and their destination were also unknown wallets. This means that the owners of these wallets are not publicly known and their addressed have not been tagged. In such cases, it could suggest that these whales are selling their tokens over the counter in order to minimize the impact of their selling on the market market. However, it could also be that these whales are just redistributing their coins.

Nevertheless, the whale movements didn’t end here as a couple of hours later, the on-chain tracker would report the movement of massive amounts of SOL once more. This time around, a whale moved 149,999 SOL worth a little over $27.79 million from an unknown wallet to the Binance exchange.

This transaction deviates from the previous four transactions in the fact that its destination is a crypto exchange. Usually, when investors move their coins to exchanges such as Binance, it is to sell their tokens and a $27.79 million sale could put a lot of pressure on the SOL price.

The next whale transaction reported after this was an amore positive one though which involved the movement of 146,121 SOL worth $26.83 million from the Kraken exchange to an unknown wallet. In this case, it is likely that the whale is withdrawing their coins for safekeeping as they wait for better prices. This reduces the selling pressure on the asset.

Even with these whale movements, the SOL price continues to hold up quite nicely. If the selling pressure continues to fall and the pressure from Bitcoin’s price decline is finally lifted, then SOL price could quickly rally above $200 once again.