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Top 7 New Tokens Likely To Explode in This Bull Market

source-logo  thecryptobasic.com 31 March 2024 09:57, UTC

This article examines seven newcomers in the crypto trading landscape with the potential for explosive rallies this bull season.

During the just-concluded opening quarter of 2024, numerous crypto tokens debuted. Many of them have already demonstrated the potential to spark significant rallies in a full-fledged bull market. The Crypto Basic explores select new market entrants that have made notable strides in this initial phase of this bull run.

Jupiter (JUP)

Jupiter (JUP) is a decentralized exchange built on the Solana blockchain. On January 31, it launched and distributed $700 million worth of its platform token, JUP, marking what many consider one of the most substantial token airdrops witnessed within the crypto community.

Over the past 30 days, JUP has surged 164%. Considering its affiliation with Solana, the asset could be primed for more substantial gains in the much-awaited altcoin season.

Notably, JUP has garnered listings from prominent centralized trading platforms, including Binance, Gate.io, OKX, Bybit, KuCoin, and Kraken.


BOOK OF MEME (BOME) stands out prominently among the myriad of Solana-based meme coins launched this month. As a meme coin on Solana, it has ridden the wave of excitement surrounding tokens on this blockchain.

In particular, BOME has experienced a surge of over 1,488% in the past two weeks. Accordingly, BOME is now the seventh most valuable meme coin, standing right behind established meme coins BONK and Floki.

Notably, the token has been listed on Binance and other prominent exchanges. Coupled with its association with Solana, BOME may be positioned for even more remarkable gains, akin to its predecessors, when the frenzy of meme and altcoin seasons intensifies. At press time, BOME trades at $0.01447.

Dymension (DYM)

Crypto project Dymension launched its native token DYM for trading just last month. The project introduces a modular blockchain framework simplifying the development and implementation of RollApps — application-specific Layer 2 rollups.

DYM has since peaked at $8.66 from a bottom of $2, representing a 333% gain within two weeks of its unveiling. Meanwhile, at press time, DYM trades at $6.08 with a 4.12% gain in over 30 days.

ether.fi (ETHFI)

On March 16, the ether.fi Foundation announced the launch of the ETHFI token, heralding it as a pivotal stride in the decentralization of the ether.fi system. Notably, ether.fi prides itself on being Ethereum’s inaugural noncustodial, delegated staking protocol. It positions itself as the foremost leader in liquid re-staking tokens.

Within two weeks of its launch, ETHFI has surged by over 100%, reaching an all-time high of $8.57. This remarkable growth coincides with its widespread adoption across the Ethereum ecosystem and its listings on major exchanges such as Binance, OKX, Bybit, and KuCoin.

Aevo (AEVO)

The AEVO token of the Aevo decentralized derivatives exchange launched on March 13 following a series of ICOs.

Aevo distinguishes itself as a DEX primarily focused on perpetual, options, and pre-launch trading. It utilizes a custom Ethereum rollup, which empowers it to process over 5,000 transactions per second and handle trading volumes surpassing $30 billion.

The AEVO token has increased by over 24% in the last seven days, reaching a price of $3.05. While it attained an all-time high of $4.46 on the day of its debut, AEVO is currently 31.69% below its ATH.

K9 Finance (KNINE)

Shiba Inu partner K9 Finance introduced its platform token KNINE on March 7, injecting $100K liquidity into the token to ensure its availability for trading on the Uniswap decentralized exchange.

Notably, K9 Finance brings a liquid staking solution to Shiba Inu’s blockchain, Shibarium, to enhance the DeFi ecosystem.

As The Crypto Basic recently disclosed, KNINE registered a 700% gain within a week of launching. Pundits have projected a fifty-fold increase for KNINE in this bull run amid its affiliation with Shiba Inu.

Pyth Network (PYTH)

The Pyth Network’s token PYTH debuted in late 2023 and has since been a notable performer, garnering a market cap exceeding $1.41 billion.

The Pyth Network project boasts its status as the premier and most rapidly expanding first-party oracle network. It offers real-time data to decentralized applications (dApps) across over 40 blockchains.

Moreover, the project incorporates contributions from prominent exchanges, financial services providers, and market makers, who provide their price data for utilization by smart contracts. Key participants within the network encompass Binance, Bybit, OKX, and Cboe Global Markets.

The network’s native token, PYTH, trades at $0.9415, marking a 40% gain over the past month. At its current price, the asset is 20% below the $1.15 ATH it set 14 days ago.