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March Crypto Calendar: $2.2B Token Unlock, Ethereum Upgrade, Airdrops and More

source-logo  coinedition.com 29 February 2024 15:25, UTC

Crypto researcher Layergg has compiled a comprehensive calendar of critical events happening in the crypto space throughout March 2024. The compilation shows a plethora of events and developments scheduled throughout the month, suggesting busy and exciting days ahead for the crypto community.

🗓️2024 Crypto March Calendar
Mark your Crypto events!

1 Mar : $UNI – Fee switch proposal starts
1 Mar : $CELO – L2 Migration details

4 Mar : $MNT – $30M Ecofund proposal ends
4 Mar : $JUP – LFG Launchpad Voting
5 Mar : $TRUMP – U.S. Super tuesday
6 Mar : $FXS – $FXTL Airdrop… pic.twitter.com/6SAaR9GpkH

— Layergg (@layerggofficial) February 29, 2024

Starting off on March 1 are events such as the fee switch proposal for popular DEX Uniswap (UNI). The crypto community can also look forward to layer two migration details for Celo (CELO) on the same day.

As the month progresses, key proposals and launches continue, including the Ecofund’s $30 million proposal for Mantle (MNT) and the LFG Launchpad voting for Jupiter (JUP), both on March 4.

Other dates to watch include March 5, the U.S. Super Tuesday, with the TRUMP token likely to grab attention. Meanwhile, tokens ANT and WAVES face delisting on the Binance U.S. trading platform on March 8.

Notably, snapshots for potential airdrops related to tokens FXS, FXTL, and WEMIX would also occur within the first ten days of the month.

March 13 will witness the long-awaited launch of the Ethereum (ETH) Dencun upgrade. This anticipated upgrade represents a breakthrough for Ethereum, as it introduces the much discussed proto-danksharding feature. Of particular note, proto-danksharding brings “data blobs” to Ethereum blocks, enabling layer two solutions to store temporary data affordably.

March 15 will see creditors of the bankrupt exchange FTX meeting. Meanwhile, the next day, the crypto community will witness a staggering unlock of $2.2 billion Arbitrum (ARB) tokens.

The latter half of March is packed with events like the NVIDIA AI Conference on March 18 and the Fed Interest Rate Decision on March 20. Also, the opening brief deadline for the SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit will unfold on March 22.

Besides the above, crypto enthusiasts can anticipate major announcements and airdrops in March from projects such as Fantom (FTM), Zilliqa (ZIL), whitepaper, and TokenFi Launchpad.

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