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OCEAN, GRT, FET: Artificial Intelligence projects with high developer activity

source-logo  fxstreet.com 29 February 2024 14:41, UTC
  • OCEAN, GRT, FET, TAO, NMR and CTXC rank among Artificial Intelligence tokens with relatively high development activity.
  • Ocean Protocol announced its 2024 roadmap, plans to launch AI-powered prediction bots and secure private data.
  • Bittensor is recognized as the sector leader for AI narrative, overtaking Render in Q4 2023.

Bitcoin’s (BTC) price rally catalyzed gains in several other tokens, fueling narratives like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Layer 2 chains, and meme coins. Alongside Bitcoin’s recent surge, the rising development activity in AI tokens is likely to become a catalyst that could drive gains for these assets.

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Crypto AI tokens with high developer activity

On-chain analysts at crypto intelligence platform Santiment consider development activity a key metric for a project’s growth and relevance among market participants. Projects with high development activity tend to have a higher utility, driving adoption and eventually observing price gains.

Data from Santiment shows that the following AI projects observed the highest development activity in February: Ocean Protocol (OCEAN), Oraichain (ORAI), The Graph Protocol (GRT), Bittensor (TAO), Fetch.AI (FET), Cortex (CTXC), PlatON (LAT), Numerai (NMR), and Vaiot (VAI)

Among the top projects, Ocean Protocol recently unveiled its roadmap for 2024. Early on Thursday, OCEAN outlined plans to focus on an AI-powered prediction bot, Predictoor.

Big reveal time! Ocean Protocol's 2024 roadmap is out, making waves in the #AI x #crypto world

This year we are:
→Accelerating @predictoor_ai
→Launching a C2D springboard
→Rolling out Ocean Enterprise
& more

Exciting, right? So join the ride!https://t.co/WR28L7DTBk

— Ocean Protocol (@oceanprotocol) February 29, 2024

The Graph also shared an update with community members, dropping details of the volume of GRT tokens staked. A total of 2.94 billion GRT have been staked as of February 26, and the project is gearing up for workshops at the ETH Denver event.

While Render (RNDR) was considered the lead token in the AI narrative, according to Messari’s Q4 2023 report, Bittensor (TAO) has taken over the position with its partnerships and developments, consistent with the Artificial Intelligence narrative.

Profits from Bitcoin’s rally to $64,000 are likely to rotate into projects with relevance and utility for market participants. AI tokens build a strong use case with their focus on prediction markets, data security, and privacy.

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