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Ripple CEO Gives Green Light for XRP ETF Amid Regulatory Battles – Speculation Rises: Will Price Hit $1 and is Partnership with BlackRock on the Way?

source-logo  crypto-news-flash.com 21 February 2024 03:28, UTC
  • Ripple achieves legal victory before the SEC, opening avenues for XRP’s future as an unvalued digital asset.
  • Brad Garlinghouse backs the launch of XRP ETFs, marking a potential milestone in cryptocurrency accessibility and investment.

Ripple stands out once again, setting a potentially game-changing course for XRP and its investors. Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, recently shared in an interview with Bloomberg TV some insights that illuminate both the present and future of Ripple and XRP, especially as it relates to its legal battle with the SEC and the possibility of XRP ETFs.

First, let’s speak plainly: Ripple has scored a point before the SEC. According to Garlinghouse, the court has made it clear that XRP is not considered a security on its own. This decision is not only a victory for Ripple, but also opens the door to a new era of recognition and operations for XRP in the financial market.

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Brad Garlinghouse hints at a groundbreaking partnership between Ripple and #BlackRock, possibly paving the way for an XRP ETF debut in the USA 🇺🇸.

In a surprising revelation on… pic.twitter.com/bL0Zn5H3tg

— Marcel Knobloch aka Collin Brown (@CollinBrownXRP) February 21, 2024

What about XRP ETFs?

Well,Garlinghouse has changed the tone and now looks favorably on the possibility of launching XRP-based exchange-traded funds. This, my friends, could mean a before and after for XRP’s accessibility and adoption, projecting it even further onto the global financial stage.

Let’s not stop there. Garlinghouse also underscored Ripple’s firm commitment to following the rules of the system. The acquisition of Standard Custody is a testament to its dedication to providing secure and regulated solutions critical to institutional success in the crypto space. Ripple does not play lightly; it plays to win, always within the framework of the law.

What about regulation in the U.S.?

Here Garlinghouse doesn’t bite his tongue. He criticizes the current U.S. regulatory stance toward cryptocurrencies and advocates a shift toward regulation that truly understands and encourages innovation.

Participating in a super PAC alongside heavyweights like Andreessen Horowitz and Coinbase, Ripple seeks to support candidates that promote a more constructive and favorable regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies.

Directly facing regulatory criticism and challenges, especially those coming from figures like Senator Elizabeth Warren, Garlinghouse clears the air: cryptocurrencies are not here to circumvent AML and KYC regulations. On the contrary, Ripple and many other crypto entities are committed to transparency and compliance.

What Garlinghouse makes clear to us is that we are facing a watershed moment for Ripple and XRP. The legal victory before the SEC, the welcome to XRP ETFs, the unwavering commitment to compliance and regulation, and the fight for friendlier regulatory leadership in the U.S. all signal a bright future for Ripple. This not only reaffirms its position in the cryptocurrency market but also paves the way for renewed expansion and stability.

So what does all this mean for Ripple and for you, cryptocurrency enthusiast? It means we are on the threshold of a new phase for XRP, one where innovation, compliance and accessibility meet to catapult Ripple to new prices .