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This Key Cardano Metric Just Reached Highest Level Since March 2022

source-logo  u.today 05 December 2023 20:52, UTC

Cardano blockchain, a key metric has soared to its highest level since March 2022. The total value locked (TVL) in Cardano has reached $278.02 million.

This uptick is a critical indicator of the increasing trust and engagement in the Cardano ecosystem.

The top projects on Cardano

Cardano's recent surge is closely tied to the performance of its top ten projects. Leading the pack is Indigo, a collateralized debt position (CDP) platform, with a TVL of $68.6 million, showing a significant month-over-month growth of 21.83%.

Minswap, a decentralized exchange (DEX), follows with a TVL of $63.96 million. The diversity in project types, from DEXes like Minswap to lending platforms like Liqwid and Djed Stablecoin, shows the versatility and robustness of the Cardano ecosystem.

DeFi leaders

Ethereum continues to reign supreme within the DeFi ecosystem with a TVL of $27.884 billion.

Tron, while trailing with a TVL of $8.098 billion, boasts a remarkable 1.56 million active addresses.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and emerging networks like Arbitrum and Polygon show healthy activity and growth, with BSC's significant protocol range and Arbitrum's notable 20.19% monthly user increase.

Optimism and Avalanche add to the diversity of the DeFi landscape, each with unique user activity trends, while networks like Solana, Cronos, and Base, though smaller in scale, contribute to the sector's overall dynamism and growth, with Solana showing a particularly rapid increase in active users.