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Will He or Won’t He? Elon Musk’s X, Crypto Integration and DOGE

source-logo  coinedition.com 05 December 2023 20:36, UTC

Dogecoin, the famous dog-themed meme coin, could be on the verge of significant growth following possible integration as a payment tool on X (formerly Twitter). In a recent post, the Altcoin Daily’s X account handler stated their belief that Bitcoin, Ethereum, and especially Dogecoin are the “prime contenders to be integrated into X in a very big and interesting way.”

According to the Altcoin Daily representative, almost everyone knows that Elon Musk, the CTO of X, wants to make the social media platform the ultimate payment and “everything” app. However, he noted how Musk’s antecedents suggest he may implement the payment solution suddenly and all at once.

Considering their sizes and potential, Dogecoin is the outlier out of the three cryptos mentioned by the Altcoin Daily handler. It is the smallest by market capitalization. However, Musk’s well-publicized relationship with the meme coin has led many users to believe it would be integrated into X if and when the payment solution launches.

Musk’s adventure with Dogecoin started three years ago when he made a post that sent the meme coin’s value up nearly 20% over a short period. Several events followed across many months that keep linking the renowned entrepreneur with the flagship meme coin, including a recent discovery by crypto influencer Martin Folb (MartyParty), who claimed to identify DOGE in the source code of Tesla’s checkout page for its new Cybertruck, a pickup truck to be released in 2024.

Following the discovery, Dogecoin has embarked on a sustained rally since the middle of October. It bounced from a low of $0.0569 after Folb’s post on October 9 and has since gained over 60% by rallying to $0.0927.
The popular meme coin traded for $0.0882 at writing time, following a slight pullback from the recent high. However, if the Altcoin Daily handler’s prediction comes to pass, DOGE could soar significantly, considering that Elon Musk’s influence helped the crypto asset to rally over 6,800% during the last bull run, according to data from TradingView.

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