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Top Researcher Highlights Four Ways an XRP ETF “Will Open Floodgates”

source-logo  thecryptobasic.com 01 December 2023 12:26, UTC

A top crypto researcher highlights the potential impact of an XRP ETF, citing institutional onslaught, liquidity boost, and mainstream media attention.

ABS, one of the research team members at the 3T Warrior Academy, has argued about the potential seismic impact of an XRP exchange-traded fund (ETF) on the crypto industry.

In a recent tweet, the researcher broke down the reasons behind his speculation and unveiled a series of intriguing possibilities.

🚨🚀 The inevitable XRP ETP could send shockwaves through the crypto industry?

Let’s break down Why… 🤔
1) Institutional Onslaught: Picture this – institutional investors storming in! An XRP ETF opens the floodgates, making it simpler for big players to dive into the XRP pool.… pic.twitter.com/MU6MrNI6Oi

— Good Morning Crypto (@3TGMCrypto) December 1, 2023

XRP ETF To Open Floodgates

Firstly, ABS highlighted the potential for an institutional onslaught. He envisions a scenario where institutional investors storm into the XRP market to accumulate the cryptocurrency en masse.

According to him, the advent of an XRP ETF would open floodgates, simplifying the entry of significant players into the XRP pool.

The second point the researcher raised revolves around “Liquidity Lift-Off.” ABS suggested that an XRP ETF could lead to a significant liquidity boost, urging crypto market participants to “buckle up.”

As a backing to his claim, he underscored that ETFs are known for increasing trading volumes, injecting “lifeblood” into markets, and potentially mitigating price volatility.

Meanwhile, the third aspect the researcher emphasized was the potential for what he dubbed “mainstream madness.” Specifically, ABS painted a picture of mainstream media launching an unusual marketing campaign tailored to the crypto sphere.

He envisioned XRP making a solid presence alongside traditional assets on stock exchanges. The researcher believes such a scenario would not merely be a crypto celebration but a financial opportunity drawing in a more extensive audience to XRP and the overall crypto market.

The fourth point brought attention to Ripple’s success in Singapore’s regulatory landscape and the potential impact for XRP. ABS cited that Ripple had secured regulatory authorization to conduct business in Singapore. He suggested that the regulatory green light could amplify global interest in XRP.

Crypto ETF

Significantly, crypto enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the approval of the first-ever Bitcoin spot ETF. Amid the growing anticipation, attention is turning to the potential launch of an XRP ETF. This shift is because XRP enjoys a more favorable regulatory standing than Bitcoin in the U.S.

Besides, a fraudulent XRP ETF filing last month heightened optimism for the eventual endorsement of a legitimate XRP exchange-traded fund.