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Xumm Active Users Spike 45% as 10K+ XRP Addresses Register for Evernode Airdrop in 24H

source-logo  thecryptobasic.com  + 1 more 29 November 2023 08:33, UTC

Xumm has recorded a massive 45% spike in its daily active users, triggered by Evernode, as over 10,000 XRP addresses register for the protocol’s airdrop in 24 hours.

The founder of XRPL Labs, Wietse Wind, called attention to the impressive surge in users, showing a chart which detailed Xumm’s stats on daily unique active users. He humorously dubbed the resulting bulge in the chart “Mount Evernode.”

Data from the snapshot reveals that Xumm had 17,330 unique active users at midnight, Nov. 26. Though the wallet saw a slight increase in these users, their number remained below 18,000 until noontime on Nov. 27.

Due to the growing interest in the Evernode airdrop and the slew of registrations flooding into the protocol, Xumm’s unique active users skyrocketed above the 18,000 mark. In less than 24 hours, active users spiked to 25,377. This surge represents a 45% increase from the 17,330 recorded on Nov. 26.

Responding to the disclosure from Wind, the official Evernode X account shared an update on how registration for the airdrop has fared.

The Evernode team revealed that 10,375 addresses had registered after 24 hours. However, the eligible amount of XRP tokens the addresses held as of Sept. 1 during the snapshot was 107 million XRP.

Airdrop Registrations – First 24 hrs

Registering Addresses: 10,375
Qualifying XRP Addresses Held At 1 September: 107MM
(Excludes Uphold and Bitrue) https://t.co/QOsmi2d74s

— Evernode – rEvernodee8dJLaFsujS6q1EiXvZYmHXr8🪝 (@EvernodeXRPL) November 28, 2023

Evernode Addresses Security Concerns

This figure demonstrates the interest shown by XRP enthusiasts despite the recent circulating concerns. Recall that The Crypto Basic highlighted these concerns yesterday, with several community members questioning the need for connecting their wallets to Xumm.

Evernode recently responded to the security concerns. The team addressed the complexities of the airdrop process, acknowledging the challenge of providing tokens on one blockchain based on holdings from another, all while maintaining user anonymity.

We know the airdrop process isn’t simple. We’re trying to give you tokens on one chain based upon your holding on another chain without knowing who you are, except that you can confirm you control an account because you can sign for it. Not an easy thing to do. 1/4

— Evernode – rEvernodee8dJLaFsujS6q1EiXvZYmHXr8🪝 (@EvernodeXRPL) November 28, 2023

They reiterated that the airdrop requires participants to register and subsequently import or clone their XRPL r-address onto Xahau, an XRPL sidechain from the Xumm team. Notably, they pointed out that Xumm is the only wallet known to support this function and will probably be the only one to support it as of the launch date, Dec. 18.

The team stressed that non-participation is a valid choice, urging users unwilling or unable to use Xumm for registration to abstain from the subsequent import/clone process. They also encouraged users to make an informed decision based on their comfort level with the process.


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