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SHIB Rep Teases 'Testing That Will Shape Future of This Ecosystem,' Community Excited

source-logo  u.today 23 November 2023 15:47, UTC

Shiba Inu's social media marketing specialist, who prefers to be called Lucie on social media, has posted several curious tweets that have drawn the attention of the Shiba Inu community.

In one of them, she teased important new "testing" that will support Shiba Inu's ecosystem, and in another, she sent a cryptic message to the SHIB army.

"Testing to shape the future of the ecosystem"

Lucie addressed the SHIB community, hinting that a lot of active SHIB users are actually "part of the testing that will shape the future of the entire ecosystem." This is because anyone who claimed an NFT of the Shib Magazine and subscribed to receive a crypto wallet helps the SHIB network to get through the initial stage and become sustainable for many years to come.

The recipe for a successful ecosystem (and here Lucie gave Apple as an example) is having hardworking people behind it: "Those who don't have time to talk trash on socials, who face hundreds of challenges every day." One day, these individuals will be able to create a successful product and fulfill their goal.

Here’s the thing:

Anyone who has minted the cover of The Shib Magazine and signed a subscription, receiving a wallet, is part of the testing that will shape the future of the entire ecosystem.

Yes, in crypto, there are many other big blockchains and ecosystems, but remember the… pic.twitter.com/02MVXozkGr

β€” π‹π”π‚πˆπ„ | ✨Shib.io✨ (@LucieSHIB) November 23, 2023

The most important thing for the SHIB team and community now, Lucie believes, is to "stick around during this crazy time, focused and committed" and not to give up on what they are doing. Judging by the comments under that tweet, the SHIB army got excited and offered its full support to the SHIB team.

Cryptic "SHIB-BAD" tweet from Lucie

Lucie also posted a quote from an anonymous source: "Every star shines bright with open doors, but true brilliance emerges when you prove yourself in the face of closed ones." Here, she seems to be copying lead developer Shytoshi Kusama, who also loves sending the SHIB army cryptic messages on the X app. Kusama prefers sayings in the style of eastern philosophy.

Good morning #SHIBARMY & $BAD Brigade

"Every star shines bright with open doors, but true brilliance emerges when you prove yourself in the face of closed ones."

- quote to think about.

β€” π‹π”π‚πˆπ„ | ✨Shib.io✨ (@LucieSHIB) November 23, 2023

In that tweet, Lucie addressed the SHIB army and the "BAD brigade." BAD is the native token of Shibarium ally Bad Idea AI blockchain.

On Nov. 22, the BAD team announced through its X app account that it is releasing an updated version of its AI chatbot, which is currently being used on the Shibarium Tech Telegram channel.

The bot was initially launched a month ago, and it helps users of the channel with market trends analysis, with prediction of various strategies, etc. Immediately after the bot was rolled out, its usage reached whopping 1,000% growth within merely one week. The bot identifies itself as one of the first AI implementations for the Shibarium blockchain.

Its goal, according to a Telegram message by which the bot introduced itself to the SHIB community was to "democratize access to high-end AI technologies." Besides, according to the bot, it is "a practical tool, enabling secure, accessible, and meaningful digital interactions."

Later on, the BAD team spread the word that it planned to integrate the most recent iteration of ChatGPT (ChatGPT-4 Turbo) and also the new product of Elon Musk AI chatbot Grok to enrich the Bad Idea AI chatbot in the future.

BAD AI chatbot upgraded

The upgraded version of the chatbot from Bad Idea AI (v.3) now contains various enhancements. It also includes a mechanism that enables the bot to constantly download the most relevant information from the internet.

The upgrade has also made the bot more focused on personalization and an easy user experience, and its security has also been widely improved.