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More Official Information on the Airdrop to be Distributed to XRP Holders

source-logo  en.bitcoinsistemi.com 23 November 2023 08:41, UTC

Evernode, a layer-2 smart contract platform on XRP Ledger (XRPL), announced an important update regarding the upcoming airdrop.

Evernode took a snapshot of eligible XRP holders on September 1, with approximately 5,160,960 Evernodes scheduled for distribution.

Evers will be airdropped to Xahau accounts based on the XRP held in the relevant XRPL account on September 1, 2023 snapshot. Xahau went live at the beginning of November and is expected to be the first native cryptocurrency project launched on Evernode's XRP Ledger sidechain.

Evernode has previously stated that its native token, Evers, will only exist if Xahau is launched. In an official blog post, Evernode provided an update on the launch, stating:

“We are now aiming to launch on December 18, 2023. XUMM was unexpectedly late in supporting cloning of XRPL Accounts on Xahau. We cannot complete our airdrop until this happens. “We believe this will be ready by December 18th, but obviously this is out of our control and may still change.”

On a positive note, Evernode 3 has successfully completed the audit of its Hook, marking an important milestone towards launch readiness.

Evernode will begin the official preparation process for the airdrop on November 27. They will share their tools to securely register for the airdrop, so they can calculate the Evers/XRP ratio that will be airdropped. Users were advised to wait for the update on the 27th and do nothing until then.

*This is not investment advice.