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Carbon Browser Joins Forces with Kaspa, Bringing KAS to Over 7M Users

source-logo  coincodex.com 21 November 2023 15:42, UTC

Key Highlights:

  • Popular web3 browser, Carbon, revealed it has joined the Kaspa ecosystem, following a new partnership on Monday.
  • While Kaspa is now live on Carbon's dAPP Store, measures are being put in place to list $KAS on Carbon's Wallet.
  • As Kaspa is ushered into a community of over 7 million users, the development poses massive recognition for the KAS ecosystem, suggesting that it might be approaching its bullish era.

Carbon, a free and open-source web browser developed by Carbon X Labs announced it has joined forces with Kaspa to further expand its presence in the web3 space.

According to an official tweet from the web3 browser, Kaspa has been onboarded to the fastest-growing Web3 browser, marking the beginning of collaborative developments from Carbon and Kaspa. The tweet reads:

"We're proud to be working with @KaspaCurrency, the fastest, open-source, decentralized & fully scalable Layer-1 in the world and onboard them on to the fastest growing #Web3 browser with our 7M+ users!"

KAS to be Listed on Carbon's Wallet

Carbon's newest collaboration with Kaspa will see the duo combining their techniques and expertise to advance their platforms. To kick off with this, Carbon revealed that Kaspa has already been added to its dAPP Store.

To further make the Kaspa token easily accessible to members of the Carbon ecosystem, the company revealed it is making plans to list Kaspa's native token ($KAS) on the Carbon wallet. This implies that users of the Carbon wallet will soon be able to trade and store KAS tokens with their wallet.

In addition to this, the partnership will also see KAS listed on LDX.FI Swap, is a fast and simple cross-chain swap/bridge powered by Carbon Browser. Carbon had recently debuted LDX.FI on its browser to provide its users with the fastest and cheapest route to swap and bridge assets across several chains.

Notably, KAS' listing on LDX.FI will allow users to swap the token across all chains in a very fast and cost-effective way, posing more engagement and adoption for KAS and Carbon.

Carbon Commits to Blockchain Integration

Carbon Browser, in its commitment to blockchain integration, had previously collaborated with Pi Network. This happened about a month prior to its recent integration with Kaspa.

The Carbon Browser, which is recognized as one of the fastest-growing crypto browsers in the industry, has not only ushered its massive user base into the Pi and Kaspa revolution but also offers a robust dApp store for decentralized applications.

Notably, the collaboration facilitates the integration of Carbon's extensive ecosystem, featuring a secure wallet and app store, into the Pi Network community. As such, Carbon has allowed its 7 million users to not only engage with the Kaspa community but they also have the PI community within their reach.

Nonetheless, its latest partnership provides exclusive benefits for the Carbon browser and the KAS ecosystem alike. While Carbon has been on a relentless aim to expand its presence and recognition in the web3 space, its cooperation with KAS affords it the opportunity to further establish a groundbreaking foothold in the realm of cryptocurrencies.

A Positive Addition to KAS Ecosystem

It is important to note that the partnership has seen Carbon bringing KAS to its massive user base of over 7 million users, serving as a way to further boost the adoption of the KAS ecosystem.

Apparently, this represents a positive addition to the KAS ecosystem, as it tends to contribute to the performance of the token in the broader crypto market. Prior to its partnership with Carbon, KAS has been seeing a positive trend in the price of its token as the network recorded a 162.00% increase in the price of Kaspa in the last 1 month.

With Kaspa trading at $ 0.128254 as of the time of writing, the sentiments surrounding the token is currently neutral. However, its recent addition to the Carbon browser which exposes it to potential adoption from a 7M+ community suggests that the token might be approaching a bullish era.

Prior to Kaspa's integration with Carbon, the network has recently seen listings from crypto giant Binance, a few days ago. According to a recent announcement, KAS is now on the perpetual futures market with up to 50x leverage in a Tether trading pair following its collaboration with Binance.