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BLUR Token Airdrop: Major Players Benefit from Second Airdrop

source-logo  en.coin-turk.com 21 November 2023 08:27, UTC

In the world of cryptocurrency, an airdrop refers to free distribution of tokens. It is a method used by crypto projects to build their communities. A recent development took place in BLUR token, where prominent crypto players took advantage of the second BLUR token airdrop. They attracted attention with significant deposit transactions in the past hour.

BLUR Token Airdrop Onslaught

Just 30 minutes ago, the wallet address 0x385, also known as 深大高财生.eth, surprisingly sent 4,677,000 BLUR tokens to the OKX exchange. The value of the sent tokens is equivalent to $1,460,000. This move follows the final distribution of airdrop tokens surrounding the BLUR cryptocurrency, causing a frenzy of activity.

The ongoing second BLUR airdrop includes the distribution of a total of 307,600,000 BLUR tokens, equivalent to $103 million.

Accumulation Reaches Significant Milestone

The popularity of BLUR tokens is evident through the accumulation of over 169 million BLUR tokens by various participants, which accounts for 55% of the total distribution. This notable accumulation reflects the increasing interest and excitement within the crypto community for the unique value proposition of BLUR.

In addition to the airdrop excitement, Wintermute, a leading participant in the crypto space, deposited 8,700,000 BLUR tokens to OKX just 50 minutes ago. The value of the deposited tokens is equivalent to $2,600,000. This move highlights the diverse players interested in BLUR tokens and showcases the exchange’s role as a hub for such influential transactions.

BLUR Token Price Decline

The participation of major players like Wintermute and 0x385 in the BLUR token airdrop has garnered attention. However, significant fluctuations in the BLUR token price occurred after this development. The price dropped from $0.36 to $0.30. At the time of writing, the BLUR token is trading at $0.3272.