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READYgg Partners Aptos Labs to Onboard Web2 Gamers

source-logo  coinspeaker.com 20 November 2023 15:00, UTC

The collaboration between READYgg and Aptos Labs fosters a sense of community and collaboration within the gaming ecosystem.

The gaming industry is on the verge of a revolutionary transformation, thanks to the dynamic collaboration between READYgg with Aptos Labs to usher in millions of Web2 gamers into the realm of Web3 gaming.

READYgg and Aptos Labs to Fuel Migration from Web2 to Web3

This collaboration leverages READYgg’s extensive network and Aptos, a blockchain platform renowned for its unparalleled time-to-finality, ensuring a seamless and immersive gaming experience.

To kickstart this transformative journey, READYgg is now offering players the opportunity to be whitelisted for early access to the new releases set to launch on December 6. This step is expected to accelerate the migration of up to 15 million Web2 gamers to the Aptos blockchain, resulting in a dramatic upheaval in the gaming scene.

READYgg’s impressive portfolio already includes partnerships with over 20 major Web2 publishers, boasting a library of 2,000 games that engage a staggering 200 million monthly active users. As part of this collaboration, four of these web2 publishers will transition to the Aptos blockchain by the close of 2023, with a commitment to bring at least a dozen more on board next year.

The gaming titles under the Aptos umbrella promise an exciting blend of Web2 favorites with innovative Web3 elements. From the roguelike dungeon crawler “Runestone Keeper” to the first-person action game “Rescue Robots Sniper Survival,” and the hypercasual platform “Minijuegos,” to the browser-based social gaming portal “ToroFun,” each title will feature Web3 elements, including Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

David S. Bennahum, CEO and co-founder of READYgg, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Bridging Web2 games to web3 has always been our goal. We’ve built a range of tools traditional publishers can use to seamlessly reach a web3 audience and bring their typical users into the world of on-chain gaming.”

Benefits of Web3 Gaming

Web3 gaming offers a plethora of advantages over its predecessor. With decentralized platforms like Aptos, players can enjoy true ownership of in-game assets, ensuring a transparent and trustless environment. Smart contracts, powered by blockchain technology, enable secure and seamless transactions, mitigating issues such as fraud and unauthorized alterations.

Moreover, the collaboration between READYgg and Aptos Labs fosters a sense of community and collaboration within the gaming ecosystem. Players can engage in peer-to-peer transactions, trade assets seamlessly, and participate in decentralized governance models, giving them a direct stake in the evolution of the gaming platform.

Publishers joining the READYgg/Aptos ecosystem will not only benefit from the capabilities of a performant blockchain but will also have access to potential funding or grants through the READYgg $RDYX token, known as “The Gamer’s Token”. This unique token, coupled with predictable Aptos usage fees, empowers publishers to incorporate Web3 components with reduced exposure to price volatility.

Mo Shaikh, co-founder and CEO of Aptos Labs, highlighted the transformative impact of the partnership, stating, “This partnership with READYgg will accelerate the delivery of studio-quality Web3 games, user experiences, and compelling ownable assets.”