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Elon Musk's Tweet Triggers Bullish Response From XRP Army

source-logo  u.today 18 November 2023 14:14, UTC

Tech mogul Elon Musk has taken to the X social media platform (formerly famous as Twitter) to make an announcement regarding one of his major companies, SpaceX. This time, though, it was not about the launch of starships but also to do with space.

Musk tweeted that more Starlinks have reached the Earth orbit. The first to comment on that were several XRP-themed accounts.

Since the start of the rebranding of Twitter into X, XRP fans have been pointing out the striking similarity of the X logo to the logotype of their favorite cryptocurrency XRP and leaving other numerous comments under Musk's tweets.

This time, mirroring Musk's X message, they wrote "More XRP reach orbit" and "$XRP is about to reach orbit after takeoff!" and left other positive comments. As always, Musk did not descend to answering. His favorite bet in crypto remains DOGE, the original dog-themed cryptocurrency, a parody on Bitcoin released in 2013, running on the proof-of-work consensus algorithm, same as BTC.

$XRP is about to reach orbit after takeoff!

— XRP whale (@realXRPwhale) November 18, 2023

As of late, members of the XRP community have been frequent guests in the comments under Elon Musk's tweets; it seems they are struggling to attract the X boss's attention to the Ripple-affiliated coin. But Musk still issues posts only about Dogecoin and sometimes smaller altcoins that fit into memes. A few times, Musk also posted memes about AI-focused digital currencies. His tweets usually power immediate but often short-lived price surges of these coins.