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Harvard Releases Case Study on Ripple Business Model

source-logo  thecryptobasic.com 02 October 2023 09:02, UTC

A top figure in the XRP community spotlights a Harvard Business School case study on Ripple’s business model, noting its implications on Ripple’s IPO valuation.

In a recent tweet, Crypto Eri, a prominent XRP influencer, drew attention to a development concerning Ripple from Harvard Business Review. Specifically, Crypto Eri shared her discovery of a Harvard Business School case study titled “Ripple: The Business of Crypto Case – An Analysis and Solution.”

Harvard Business School professors David B. Yoffie and Andy Wu, alongside Sarah von Bargen, authored the case study.

👀Havard Business School CASE STUDY on @Ripple – The Business of Crypto Case – an analysis and solution.

Harvard is famous for their case studies. I imagine it could be used/useful for their IPO valuation.

You can view the 4-page outline👇https://t.co/rF8LTPkv7O

Yoffie,… pic.twitter.com/fQT5rtIWf0

— 🌸Crypto Eri 🪝Carpe Diem (@sentosumosaba) October 2, 2023

In the tweet, Crypto Eri highlighted Harvard’s reputation for producing insightful case studies. In parallel, Harvard argued that its analysis and solution are crafted from scratch by research students and are free from plagiarism.

Moreover, Crypto Eri expressed a conviction that the Harvard case study would impact Ripple’s initial public offering (IPO) valuation. Notably, this process determines the fair market value of a company’s shares before they are offered to the public.

Harvard Ripple Case Study

The case study delves into the mission of Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse. It highlighted that Garlinghouse aims to disrupt the global payments industry by harnessing the power of XRP.

Also, the case study aimed to offer students a comprehensive exploration of key aspects of the crypto landscape. Firstly, it introduced students to the foundational concepts of Bitcoin and the blockchain industry.

Furthermore, the case study shed light on Ripple’s distinctive crypto business model, highlighting what sets it apart in the crypto sphere. It also included Ripple’s approach to utilizing XRP for global payments.

Moreover, the Harvard professors introduced students to other critical areas via the case study. It included regulatory dynamics, the underlying distributed technology, and crypto platforms. Notably, these subjects were studied from the perspective of Ripple.

Meanwhile, Crypto Eri included a link to a four-page outline of the Ripple case study. The outline contained a step-by-step guide to writing a case study analysis and solution for real-world business problems.