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Copper Dog Whisky Partners VeChain To Launch 100 Bottles of Limited-Edition Series


newslogical.com 23 January 2020 07:30, UTC
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Scotland based handcrafted and blended in Speyside whiskey producing company, Copper Dog Whisky, has collaborated with VeChain Foundation to use its blockchain solution to launch 100 bottles of a limited-edition series, NewsLogical has learnt.

VeChain blockchain solution has made entry into the collectible industries as firms production collectibles now sought for VeChain ToolChain to protect their collectible editions with VeChain Toolchain.

Copper Dog Whisky also allied with Street Superior and artworks designer Russell Ong to release the limited edition of the 100 bottles.

VeChain’s Tamperproof smart chips were attached to each of the bottles to confirm the authenticity of the limited edition run and let buyers have direct access to the story behind each bottle.

Users would have to download VeChain Pro mobile application to access the story behind each bottle. Also, users stand the chance of winning a prize through an embedded image.

Earlier in January 2019, NewsLogical published that top 3 wine producers in Italy adopted VeChain solution to secure their bottles.

Sneakers Artist Chase Shiel also Using VeChain Toolchain to Secure Collectibles

As revealed in a video shared on YouTube, a number of collectibles producing companies have adopted VeChain blockchain solution to protect their limited produce.

At the Street Superior 2019, Sneaker artist Chase shiel and Jeffrey Martinez previewed their forthcoming collections.

The two sneaker collections also encrypted VeChain NFC tags to tell customers the story behind the product while also authenticating their work.

The Vice President of VeChain, business and development, in South-East Asia and Australasia, also confirmed that VeChain is now working with Copper Dog, Sole Superior and The Kickz Stand.

Similarly, a group of toy artists and FLABSLAB studio are also using VeChain smart chips to tag their limited-edition collections to make their fans affirm the genuineness of their products.

The collections were all showcased at the 2019 edition of The Big Big Con, and the chips placed on the collections were scanned at the event to test the technology.

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