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TON Partners with Web3 Gaming Platform Metalist Game for a First-Ever Game on Telegram

source-logo  coincodex.com 28 September 2023 12:38, UTC

Telegram is about to get its first-ever game as The Open Network (TON) and Metalist Game announce a new partnership. With the collaboration, the Metalist Game, which is an AP NFT partner and gaming powerhouse will also distribute Web3 GameID on Telegram. This could be another push for the Toncoin price, which is up 4.04% in the last 24 hours.

In its ongoing drive to improve the Telegram ecosystem, The Open Network (TON) Foundation has entered into several partnerships recently. This one is aimed at bringing Metalist’s Web3 gaming to the expansive Telegram ecosystem. It will also open the gate to innovative gaming for Telegram’s massive user base.

Expanding the Web3 Gaming Landscape

Web3 gaming is shaping up to disrupt the traditional gaming industry and TON Network is getting ready to be part of it. With the strategic partnership between TON and Metalist Game, the nearly 1 billion Telegram users across the globe will have the opportunity to enjoy a high-quality Web3 gaming experience.

A pioneering player in the Web3 gaming niche, Metalist Game has team members from some of the biggest names in the gaming industry, including Ubisoft, Riot Games, NetEase, and Blizzards. It has previously worked with other notable entities like the Associated Press and NARAKA: BLADEPOINT.

Speaking about the collaboration with TON and what it means for his company, Metalist Game’s CEO, Fraco, said:

"The integration of TON Space within Telegram is highly meaningful, as it represents the potential user base of 800 million Telegram users for TON Space. Metalist GAME will work with TON to explore Web3 game development within the Telegram ecosystem and create an entry point for 800 million users to enter the world of Web3 gaming through the Metalist Game Bot.”

Bringing Innovation to the New Era of Gaming

Metalist Game is one of the most innovative gaming companies and it makes sense that it is bringing its innovative ideas to the massive Telegram ecosystem. Already, it has unveiled its premier TCG card game called ‘Card Ahoy’ in addition to distributing the on-chain game identity ‘Game Console’ to players from the TON and Telegram ecosystems.

As the first game identity (GameID) from Metalist Game, the ‘Game Console’ is going to provide a lot of gaming benefits from the Metalist ecosystem. The lucky holders of this novelty gaming identity, among other benefits, are entitled to a Genesis Blind Box airdrop for Card Ahoy.

From what we’ve gathered, Card Ahoy is not just another game. It is, in fact, more than a game. It will serve as a bridge that will connect millions of people around the world to the diverse and dynamic world of Web3 gaming.

Wrapping Up

TON Foundation is on a mission to make the Telegram and Toncoin ecosystem as useful and valuable as possible. The recent collaboration with Metalist Game is more than a partnership. It is more of a fusion of visions and a blending of innovation to serve Telegram and Toncoin users better. Indeed, the partnership will push the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming industry.

Though Metalist Game is coming into what can be called an uncharted gaming territory, the extensive and versatile Telegram ecosystem looks like a really fertile ground. With nearly 1 billion users around the world, it has the audience any gaming ecosystem could wish for. By reshaping the gaming horizon, this partnership could also bring lots of investment opportunities. It is pertinent, therefore, to keep an eye on Toncoin price prediction as events unfold.