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Hedera's latest integrations: Can this boost the HBAR price?

source-logo  cryptonewsz.com 21 September 2023 08:30, UTC

The Hasgraph Association has been on a roll recently with back-to-back updates. The non-profit organization recently announced its latest product aimed at financial service companies.

HBAR, or Hedera Hasgraph, unveiled Stablecoin Studio to offer a suite of products that help firms launch their stablecoins. Soon after, the non-profit entered a partnership with Du for Envision 2023. The parties are looking forward to revolutionizing blockchain solutions at the event.

Given the ongoing progress of Hedera, traders are noticing a quick rise in the price of HBAR. Let’s see how these integrations are set to assist HBAR in its comeback.

Overview of Hedera’s Latest Integrations

As for Stablecoin Studio, Hedera Hashgraph aims to help financial firms and enterprise customers.

The platform will help these parties to build new stablecoins. With features like Proof-of-Reserves, dedicated custodians, and AML/KYC flagging, Stablecoin Studio will offer a one-stop station to the customers. Besides this, stablecoin issuers on Hedera can also access low fees and scalability on the network.

Other than this, Hedera is also looking to leverage its strategic alliance with Du. The Hashgraph Association will lend its innovative blockchain solutions to SMEs, municipalities, and government institutions.

Hashgraph’s assistance will give customers a reliable and trusted foundation for blockchain products. A new UCL research even deemed Hedera the greenest PoS (Proof-of-Stake) network. Thus, the platform’s association with Du, a leader in ecological responsibility in the telecom industry, seems natural.

Moreover, Hedera has been officially listed on Nakaflow with a Nakamoto Coefficient of 9. Such high-profile integrations are why HBAR has gained 6% value in the past seven days. But before answering “What is the future of HBAR?”, let’s assess its historical price.

Analysis of Integration Impact

These integrations have substantial implications for Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) and its ecosystem. Collaborating with Stablecoin Studio broadens HBAR’s appeal to various industries by providing a versatile platform for blockchain development with added security features.

The partnership with Du extends Hedera’s reach to diverse sectors, offering a reliable foundation for blockchain applications. Given its eco-friendly profile, Hedera’s association with a sustainability-focused telecom leader like Du is a logical fit.

The recent Nakaflow listing boasting a Nakamoto Coefficient of 9 reflects increasing interest and confidence in HBAR. These developments have contributed to HBAR’s recent 6% value increase. However, predicting HBAR’s future trajectory requires thoroughly analyzing its historical price trends and market dynamics.

Historical Market Analysis and Price Potential

Since its launch in 2019, Hedera has been a focal point of interest among crypto traders.

In the latter half of 2021, HBAR traded for $0.21 and reached a high of $0.4769 in September 2021. The coin closed in the year 2021 at $0.2258. The coin peaked in 2021 but is currently 87.90% below its all-time high. In the past 24 hours, HBAR has gained 0.54% value, trading at $0.05081.

However, traders still wonder, “How high can Hedera go.” According to experts, the current integrations will help HBAR in the long run. The coin currently ranks 30 and may reach $0.101 before 2023 ends.

The upcoming couple of years will see HBAR reaching $0.162. Similarly, the coin can regain its all-time high by 2030 at $0.592. The future price of HBAR will rely on such integrations auguring well for Hedera.

If the platform keeps up with the updates, it will regain its market peak comprehensively.

Expert Insights and Opinions

Several experts and analysis ventures have shared opinions on Hedera, discussing how high will HBAR go.

For example, Wallet Investors do not have high hopes for HBAR. According to its prediction, HBAR will yield minimal returns as a 5-year investment. The assessment puts a dent in most traders’ strategies, given the popularity of HBAR.

As for Changelly, HBAR is expected to reach $0.15 by 2025 with an average price of $0.1189. The prediction fits well with traders, seeing how Hedera has been trying to solidify its market stance.

Tech News Leader is in the same boat as Changelly, as the expert sees Hedera ending 2023 at $0.092. Their analysis of the crypto shows HBAR reaching $0.14 to $0.15 in 2025.


As the 30th most popular crypto in the market, HBAR has a massive user base. That is what traders have been wondering: “Will HBAR go up in 2023?”.

The past few weeks have been wonderful for HBAR, with Hedera making moves on multiple fronts. The non-profit has launched its Stablecoin Studio, partnered with Du, and got listed on Nakaflow.

With Hedera Hashgraph planning to follow these integrations with further updates, experts see HBAR reaching as high as $0.15 in a couple of years.