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Optimism Announces Third OP Airdrop: Everything You Need to Know

source-logo  bsc.news 19 September 2023 09:05, UTC


  • Optimism has successfully distributed its third airdrop, valued at over $26 million, to 31,870 unique wallet addresses.
  • The airdrop rewards users who participated in Optimism's governance between January 20 and July 20 without a claims page; distributions began automatically.
  • A future airdrop is planned, with 19% of the total initial supply of OP tokens dedicated to airdrops, offering another opportunity for users to benefit.

Optimism Distributes Airdrop

In a recent Twitter announcement on Monday, 18th September, Optimism, an Ethereum Layer Two blockchain, revealed that it has successfully distributed its third $OP airdrop to users. The protocol aims to reward its community members and encourage participation in its governance.

According to the Twitter announcement, 19 million $OP tokens, valued at over $26 million, were airdropped. These tokens were distributed to 31,870 unique wallet addresses. The details were further elaborated in a blog post shared through the Twitter announcement, which stated that the airdrop "allocated 19,411,313 OP to 31,870 unique addresses."

The airdrop was designed to reward users who have been actively participating in the governance of the Optimism protocol. Specifically, users who delegated tokens between January 20 at 0:00 UTC and July 20 at 0:00 UTC were eligible to receive tokens in this airdrop. Additionally, a special bonus was given to wallet addresses that delegated to a delegate who actively voted in Optimism Governance.

No Claims Page

As stated in the announcement, the airdrop has no claims page. The distributions began automatically on Monday, September 18th, at 18:10 UTC. Users did not have to take any action to claim their tokens.

Optimism also warned its users, urging them not to interact with websites instructing them to claim the airdrop. The tweet explicitly stated, "There is no need to claim this airdrop. Do not interact with any site asking you to do so."

Refer to the blog to learn more about the allocations and eligibility criteria.

Future Airdrops

Optimism has good news for those who missed out on the third airdrop. The protocol disclosed that another airdrop is in the pipeline. According to the announcement, "If you missed out, don't worry—19% of the total initial supply of OP is dedicated to airdrops," offering another opportunity for users to benefit.

Optimism's third airdrop serves as a significant milestone in rewarding its community members and encouraging active participation in its governance.