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ABBC’s 300 Million Token Burn Skyrockets ABBC Coin Price by 90%

source-logo  coinedition.com 02 June 2023 15:44, UTC

The ABBC coin’s price increased by 89.78% within the last 24 hours with the ABBC Foundation’s announcement of a Coin-Burn event. As per the company’s press release, the ABBC Foundation has taken the decision to schedule a Coin Burn event, as the ABBC Trade Plan was approaching a milestone of 320 million. As such, the company will be burning 300 million ABBC Coins.

Disclosing more information about the intention behind this Coin Burn Event, the company stated:

Through this burn event, we are aiming to reduce inflation and maintain a healthy balance between supply and demand. By eliminating the 300 million ABBC Coins through an eater address, we are creating a safer, more robust, and sustainable project economy.

Meanwhile, the ABBC Coin was trading at around $0.11 and has risen to $0.22 currently. The Coin has captured the fifth spot on the trending list of LunarCrush, a social intelligence platform for crypto, NFTs, and Stocks.

With leading social and market activity, here are the current top coins by LunarCrush AltRank™

🥇 $lina
🥈 $inj
🥉 $abbc
4️⃣ $ocean
5️⃣ $apt
6️⃣ $capo
7️⃣ $fil
8️⃣ $key
9️⃣ $sand
🔟 $arbhttps://t.co/yOJ8UGK95Y pic.twitter.com/G8WkJzsm9f

— LunarCrush (@LunarCrush) June 2, 2023

Concurrently, the ABBC Foundation provides users with exciting rewards and earning opportunities. In particular, the opening rate was a mega 300% BUSD reward for every subscriber, while the final reward rate was 240% BUSD. The rewards are being distributed on a weekly basis for a period of 365 days.

The ABBC Foundation has also incentivized users with referral reward systems and has offered them a user-friendly interface that enables them to instantly track and claim their BUSD rewards whenever they want, with top-tier security.