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Koyo Burns 152 Million Shiba Inu in One Transaction

source-logo  thecryptobasic.com 02 June 2023 15:49, UTC

Over 182.52 million SHIB burned in the past 24 hours, as Koyo Token burned nearly 152 million SHIB in one go.

Koyo Token (KOY) has again made headlines by sending 151,946,848 (151.94M) SHIB to the dead wallet in a single transaction executed about five hours ago from press time.

🔥🔥 151,946,848 $SHIB -> transferred to dead wallet. https://t.co/wdmzjkSsUd

— Shibburn (@shibburn) June 2, 2023

This unexpected burn follows a temporary pause in burning activities by Koyo that lasted for nearly two months. On April 14th, KOY permanently removed 1,494,278,561 (1.49B) SHIB from circulation in one transaction. The project now has burned a total of 8,909,512,702 (8.90B) SHIB in Total.

Blaze Token stands before Koyo with 11,557,310,052 (11.5B) SHIB burned.

24 Hour Burns

Koyo marks the second significant burn transaction of the day. A few hours earlier, the mysterious wallet has put a match to 30,581,998 (30.58M) SHIB in a single transaction.

The Shiba Inu Community has burned 182,528,847(182.52M) SHIB through two separate transactions in the past 24 hours. This represents an increase of 1222.60% in the overall burn rate compared to the previous day.

HOURLY SHIB UPDATE$SHIB Price: $0.00000851 (1hr 0.08% ▲ | 24hr 0.26% ▲ )
Market Cap: $5,019,932,223 (0.10% ▲)
Total Supply: 589,351,184,343,974

Past hour: 151,946,848 (1 transaction)
Past 24Hrs: 182,528,847 (1222.6% ▲)
Past 7 Days: 4,071,255,052 (-39.94% ▼)

— Shibburn (@shibburn) June 2, 2023