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Paysenger Offers The Best Of Web2 And Web3 On Its Social Platform

source-logo  coinedition.com 02 June 2023 15:44, UTC

Paysenger has emerged as a popular choice for content creators and influencers due to its exciting platform that lets them collaborate with brands and interact with fans. The platform’s rapid growth has put its native token, EGO, on track to become one of the most attractive investment opportunities in the crypto space.

The consistent development of the content creators’ market has led to a significant amount of investment flowing into this space, opening up a gap for an exclusive platform that specifically caters to the needs of influencers and social media personalities. Paysenger has managed to fill that gap with its collaboration platform that offers tools for content monetization and audience engagement.

Paysenger has leveraged the power of Web3 to allow content creators to engage with their audience while simultaneously monetizing their popularity. The platform lets creators generate captivating content, sell posts on the NFT marketplace, engage in paid chats with their fans, and offer exclusive access to premium subscription-based content.

With a 50,000-strong creator community and over 500,000 on its platform, Paysenger has become one of the most exciting projects in the SocialFi space. Its native token, EGO, has emerged as a trending crypto to watch out for this year. The token’s demand is set to go up following Paysenger’s upcoming transition to mainnet.

The platform’s expansion plans and influencer campaigns also position the EGO token as an attractive addition to one’s crypto portfolio in 2023. Paysenger has planned a large-scale campaign across the US and Europe in August this year. The platform also has support from crypto heavyweights like Polygon and ConsenSys, which adds to EGO’s credibility.

Paysenger is also looking to introduce a fresh perspective on NFTs in a bid to reinvent the space. The platform will reward EGO tokens to the most popular NFTs every week, effectively bringing a staking experience to NFT ownership.