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XRP Ledger's Ambitious Plan to Dethrone Ethereum Unveiled

source-logo  u.today 02 June 2023 12:48, UTC

In a series of recent tweets, Wietse Wind, a prominent developer and contributor to XRP Ledger, shared his views on the perceived gap between the XRPL and Ethereum or EVM ecosystems when it comes to introducing innovative features and ideas. Wind acknowledged the talent and creativity of XRPL developers but highlighted the challenges they face in implementing core XRPL code and getting ideas approved and integrated by side developers.

To address this issue and ensure the XRP Ledger remains competitive in the rapidly evolving world of decentralized technologies, Wind emphasized the significance of Hooks. He believes that Hooks will provide developers with a blank canvas to unleash their ideas and creativity, allowing them to add their own logic to accounts on XRPL protocol chains.

Wind also noted that the technology is already available on the Hooks V3 testnet, and a comprehensive security audit has been completed and is set to be released soon.

Reaction from XRP community

Addressing concerns from the XRP community, Wind clarified that the side chain would incorporate a representation of XRP, dismissing the idea of issuing a separate token as redundant. He emphasized the importance of genuine utility for any additional tokens.

Other XRPL developers also joined the conversation, with Neil Hartner highlighting the XRPL ecosystem's strength in avoiding smart contract bugs and subsequent thefts that have plagued Ethereum-based ecosystems.

True, which is great, until that turns the XRPL into the Nokia of crypto...

— WietseWind (🛠 Xumm @ XRPL Labs) (@WietseWind) June 1, 2023

Another Ripple developer known by the nickname "Bias Goose" welcomed the emergence of a competing standard within the XRPL ecosystem. He expressed optimism about the success of both side chains and pledged his support to foster their growth.