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This Tool to Help You Stake Cardano (ADA) in 50 Pools: See Concept

source-logo  u.today 27 May 2023 18:49, UTC

Multi-pool staking with rebalancing will be available for Cardanians as soon as this year. Users of the Atrium protocol are invited to lock ADA through smart contracts and enjoy rebalancing between the most successful staking pools.

Single service, 50 Cardano (ADA) pools: What is Atrium?

According to an official statement shared by the team of Atrium Lab, Staking Baskets, its solution for decentralized staking of ADA in multiple pools is set to be released in 2023. With this instrument, Cardano (ADA) enthusiasts will be able to delegate their ADA to a large number of staking pools seamlessly.

Staking Baskets are a new innovation coming to #Cardano this year.

You can easily delegate your $ADA to 50 stakepools at the same time.

For decentralising Cardano, the contract will distribute $Atrium & $ADA. Staking Basket fees are distributed back to $Atrium holders.

— Atrium Lab (@atrium_lab) May 26, 2023

The technical design of the solution is authored by MLabs, a top-tier specialist in Haskell and Rust. Customers of Atrium Labs will also be able to launch their own combinations of ADA staking pools for better rebalancing.

In general, delegating ADA to multiple pools looks more attractive due to two factors: diversification and greater rewards. Through diversification, ADA stakers can protect themselves from spending their stake size on pools that do not contribute to block validating.

In terms of rewards, Atrium developers offer bonuses in the protocol's native tokens together with "regular" ADA rewards. The originators of customizable staking pool series are also able to incentivize their delegators with new tokens besides ADA.

The platform's first staking mechanism will be named Diffusion, its release is expected as soon as this year.

Mutual benefits of pools and delegators

The rebalancing infrastructure of Atrium will be accompanied by a liquidity pool (LP) and a DEX to allow users to seamlessly swap both ADA tokens and ATRIUM rewards without leaving a single interface.

Thanks to on-chain mechanisms powered by smart contracts, Atrium will rebalance ADA deposits in the smart contract every epoch to ensure that no pool is saturated and the ADA is distributed in the most resource-efficient way.

Atrium's next "staking basket" dubbed Karma will work with charitable pools, small-size pools and pools with a decent track record of benefiting Cardano (ADA) and the Web3 segment as a whole.

Existing staking pool operators can also connect their products to Atrium's ecosystem, the introducing statement says.