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Blur Announces New 300 Million Token Airdrop to Loyal Users - Crypto Economy

source-logo  crypto-economy.com 22 February 2023 09:08, UTC

Blur, the popular non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, has announced that it will distribute an additional 300 million tokens to loyal users during the second season of its airdrop. Previously, on February 14, the network gave away 300 million tokens to its early adopters.

This latest statement comes shortly after Blur overtook OpenSea as the most popular Ethereum NFT trading platform in terms of the trading volume.

Throughout the length of the platform’s “Season 2,” which has already started, the NFT marketplace will distribute 300 million of its own BLUR tokens to traders.

300M+ BLUR will be distributed to the community in Season 2.

What’s the secret to maximizing rewards? Loyalty.

Users with 100% loyalty have the highest chances of Mythical Care Packages, which are worth 100x Uncommon Care Packages.

Here are 3 ways to maximize your loyalty👇 pic.twitter.com/Cgiemrvpxh

— Blur (@blur_io) February 21, 2023

Blur distributed “care packages” of BLUR to traders who switched to the platform from a rival NFT marketplace, listed NFTs on the platform as soon as it launched in October, or used Blur to bid on NFTs throughout “Season 1,” which ended with the release of its native token BLUR last week.

Blur Details the Qualification Process for the “Season 2” Airdrop

If users had no listings elsewhere, they would receive a 100% loyalty score, according to the Paradigm-backed platform. It said that users could receive a 100% score if they list blue-chip NFTs or more active collections on its platform.

This distribution’s loyalty score is higher than ever after the project had a sell-off following the first airdrop on the 14th. A total of 360 million tokens were given with an initial price of $5, but these tokens were heavily dumped by airdrop recipients, causing the price to fall to $0.5–$0.7. BLUR’s value has decreased by about 24% during the past day, falling from $1.28.

The trading volume for BLUR in the following hours exceeded $500 million. Moreover, the token’s 24-hour trading volume is at $590 million, an increase of 49.43% at press time.

In this distribution, the NFT listing reward is equal to the bidding reward, and the maximum listing score is equal to the listing number multiplied by loyalty. The award is also determined by the number of lists, the type of lists, and the operation of the collection.

Users can further increase their chances by engaging with Blur’s social media posts and engaging in other activities that contribute to the community.

“Don’t try to game the system,” Blur warned. “Relisting NFTs at unrealistic prices, sybiling, or listing dead collections won’t help.”