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Blur Announces Distribution of 300+ Million Tokens in Season 2

source-logo  coinedition.com 22 February 2023 08:21, UTC

The leading NFT marketplace Blur officially announced on February 22, 2023, that the platform has decided to distribute more than 300 million BLUR, the ERC-20 governance token of the marketplace, in Season 2.

Notably, Blur in Twitter thread declared that “Users with 100% loyalty have the highest chances of Mythical Care Packages, which are worth 100x Uncommon Care Packages”:

300M+ BLUR will be distributed to the community in Season 2.

What’s the secret to maximizing rewards? Loyalty.

Users with 100% loyalty have the highest chances of Mythical Care Packages, which are worth 100x Uncommon Care Packages.

Here are 3 ways to maximize your loyalty👇 pic.twitter.com/Cgiemrvpxh

— Blur (@blur_io) February 21, 2023

Significantly, Blur informed the community about a gaming program, in which the customers would be provided with a “loyalty score”, depending upon their use of the trading platform.

In a chain of tweets, Blur explicitly explained the three ways customers could add loyalty scores. Accordingly, the platform mentioned “list through Blur”, as the first way to gain points.

Secondly, Blur affirmed that a 100% loyalty score would be acquired only if the customer doesn’t have a listing elsewhere. Disclosing more information on how they could add loyalty score, Blur stated:

In Season 2, you get a 100% loyalty score if you don’t have listings anywhere else. Use our new maximize loyalty button to remove your third-party listings and get your score to 100% in a single transaction.

Notably, the platform highlighted the significance of listing in each method mentioned. As the third point, Blur affirmed that “listing rewards will be as large as bidding rewards”, reiterating the rule that maximum listing points equal listings multiplied by loyalty.

Further, the marketplace reminded the customers that relisting NFTs at unrealistic prices or listing dead collections wouldn’t contribute to adding points. It added that listing and bidding from the same wallet would be better. Finally, Blur assured that the maximum tokens would be distributed to the members who bestow on the protocol’s success, adding that loyalty is the best contribution.