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Independent Cardano Development Team Announces Massive Plans for 2023


u.today 01 January 2023 14:51, UTC
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Sebastien Guillemot, co-founder and CTO of the crypto ecosystem development team dcSpark, has summarized 2022 and provided plans for 2023. Given that one of the team's "passions" is Cardano, where it has had time to work on the Flint wallet and the Milkomeda protocol, plans for this blockchain were also revealed by the developer.

Goals for 2023:
- zk-rollup L2 launch
- gamefi L2 launch @PaimaStudios
- EVM L2 @Milkomeda_com decentralization
- First paper on our L2 R&D

It's all going to come very fast

— Sebastien Guillemot (@SebastienGllmt) December 30, 2022

According to Guillemot, dcSpark's goals for the new year are to launch a zero-knowledge Layer 2 rollup, which continues the trend of recent months on zk protocols. However, the developer does not specify whether to expect the innovation on Cardano, so perhaps it will be a new independent project.

Other goals of the development team are to launch a GameFi project that operates on the Milkomeda network. In addition, the developer has noted the goal of achieving decentralization of the Milkomeda protocol, which operates through the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

What has already been achieved?

Among the achievements of the past year noted by Sebastien Guillemot is the full launch of the first edition of the Flint wallet, which already has Cardano and will be completed by EVM-based blockchains. He then highlights six suggestions put forward to improve Cardano, two of which related directly to the Vasil hard fork. DcSpark also created and put into operation five smart contracts on the Plutus platform, the number of which surpassed the 4,500 mark at the end of last year.

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