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846 Billion Shiba Inu Wired as SHIB Hits These New Milestones

source-logo  u.today 19 December 2022 14:17, UTC

Details of several transactions recently shared by @shibaplay_ user show that over the past two hours, nearly a trillion Shiba Inu canine tokens have been shifted in five massive transactions.

While it happened, a few new milestones have been reached by this popular canine cryptocurrency.

846 billion SHIB shoveled by whales

The mind blowing amount of Shiba Inu, worth roughly $7.2 million, was moved mostly in chunks of 200 billion SHIB. Smaller transactions include 69,999,903,639 and 128,474,577,564 Shiba Inu.

A total of 248,279,454,837 SHIB were moved by the Binance exchange as part of its proof-of-reserves audit. Earlier on Monday, U.Today reported that this crypto platform also announced large movements of the Ripple-affiliated XRP token, as well as LINK.

The tweet stated that these coins that serve as collateral for Binance-supported tokens will be moved to the corresponding wallets.

The amount of 128,474,577,564 SHIB left Binance for an anonymous wallet.

Whale alert 🚨: 248,279,454,837 $SHIB transferred.
check details 👇🏻 https://t.co/zdojnYjV9u

— ShibaPlay (@shibaplay_) December 19, 2022

New milestones reached by Shiba Inu

As covered by U.Today earlier, Shiba Inu token has become "one of the most watched assets" on Binance, as well as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Besides, the prominent meme coin is again favored by top whales on Ethereum; since Saturday, SHIB has been back on their top 10 list of crypto holdings.