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I'll Keep Getting DOGE and SHIB, Other Meme Coins in Question: David Gokhshtein

source-logo  u.today 15 November 2022 15:56, UTC

Founder of Gokhshtein Media and crypto podcaster David Gokhshtein has extended his support to leading canine tokens Dogecoin and SHIB.

He has taken to Twitter to announce that the only meme coins he will continue to buy will be DOGE and SHIB. As for the sea of other canine coins, their communities will have to gain his respect.

The only meme #cryptocurrencies I’ll keep getting are $DOGE & $SHIB.

Everything else has to really win me over.

— David Gokhshtein (@davidgokhshtein) November 15, 2022

In earlier tweets that David published in October and November, he stated that he is big on both Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. Even though among the coins he holds are also Bitcoin and Ethereum, he stated that he "vibes better" with the DOGE and SHIB armies.

Besides, he expects both canine coins to go parabolic during the next bull run. As for when he expects the latter to happen, though, Gokhshtein did not specify.

Gokhshtein expects the DOGE price to skyrocket due to Elon Musk's recent purchase of Twitter. Earlier this year, the Tesla boss suggested to the Twitter board to introduce Dogecoin payments for Twitter Blue subscriptions. He also mentioned that he would pay one Dogecoin to read an article on Twitter, which implies that he might introduce DOGE for micropayments to reward content creators.

Whether these reward will, in fact, be in DOGE or not is still an open question, but Musk announced in one of his tweets that he does intend to introduce a system of rewards for those who make content on Twitter.