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Block.one Introduces EOS-Based Social Network: Voice

sludgefeed.com 03 June 2019 07:25, UTC
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Block.one, the startup behind the EOS (EOS) blockchain ecosystem, unveiled a new social networking platform over the weekend called Voice that is designed to upend the current centralized standard that includes Facebook and Twitter.

Welcome to the application layer of #EOShttps://t.co/ixQp1vRIbb

— Brendan Blumer (@BrendanBlumer) June 2, 2019

According to the announcement, which was significantly hyped up in advance, the new platform will be powered by VOICE tokens, which are created when individuals communicate with one another or through the creation of content. The Voice platform is designed to increase the visibility of content and allow users to reward content creators that they find most valuable.

“On Voice, you don’t need to have a million followers to have your voice heard. You can use your VOICE tokens instead,” stated Block.one CTO Daniel Larimer.

In addition to the basic social networking functionality, the Voice platform will allow other applications on the EOS public network to create unique identity-enabled services. These projects will be able to leverage the VOICE token by integrating the multi-step authentication process that is unique to the Voice platform.

In the keystone announcement event, Block.one also introduced the new EOS Earn Program on Coinbase, which allows users to earn $10 worth of EOS for learning about the project.

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