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NEO block production gets delayed by approximately 127 minutes

source-logo  ambcrypto.com 11 March 2019 18:30, UTC

Zzzoen, a Redditor, recently pointed out that NEO’s block #3467252 took over 152 minutes to be produced, leading to the cryptocurrency community speculating the reason and some even calling the project a scam. However, the Neo community soon dismissed the allegations by providing a suitable explanation.

NEO is currently the seventeenth largest cryptocurrency by market cap and a leading smart contract platform. The project stood out in the space because of the implementation of the Byzantine Fault-tolerant consensus mechanism, which was later upgraded to Delegated Byzantine Fault-tolerant [dBFT] consensus mechanism. Additionally, NEO was one of the first projects to adopt a dual-token economy, NEO and GAS.

The Redditor stated that this post was deleted from the Neo sub-reddit, raising concerns over centralization from other communities. The Redditor said:

NEO block production delayed by over an hour | Source: Reddit

However, another Redditor, Dreit, soon cleared the air regarding the delay of the block production.  The Redditor stated that the reason why the block production was pushed to over an hour was because of NEO’s consensus mechanism, adding that NEO follows an exponential block protocol.

NEO consensus basics | Source: Reddit

Edgegasm said:

“NEO’s consensus mechanism requires nodes to come to an agreement before a block can be added. If for some reason they cannot come to an agreement, it will delay the next block until they can. It’s a trade off you make to avoid forks and provide transaction finality.”

Source: Reddit

Xenzor, a Redditor said:

“My guess is neo 2.10 is getting pushed to consensus nodes. We knew this was coming for about 3 weeks but no exact time frames […] Still rather a minor block issue for an hour or so than some other chains had recently with major exploits and stolen funds lol. Anyway. This stability issue is resolved in the next version 2.10.0. So essentially a non issue after the rollup.”