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Cardano Developer Community Reaches New Growth Levels: Details


u.today 12 August 2022 17:19, UTC
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According to ADAtainment, the Github repository of the Cardano developer portal has reached 600 forks, indicating that more developers are contributing to its building.

🎉We reached 600 forks on https://t.co/pu7PKKfANQ. If anyone wants to grab a shovel, feel welcome: https://t.co/Rux3HBROP5.

— ADAtainment🐙 (@adatainment) August 12, 2022

It is noteworthy that the Cardano Developer Portal covers everything that could be done on the Cardano mainnet, so this remains significant. In recent months, Cardano's development activity has been on the rise, showing that the teams are day by day committed to creating products, polishing and upgrading their features, and staying true to the long-term roadmap. The development activity of a project is done in its public GitHub repositories.

📈 #Cardano is one of many #altcoins that have enjoyed a great start to the week, currently +13% in the past 24 hours. Development activity has hit #AllTimeHigh levels, as $ADA's team worked on innovating while prices were suppressed. 🧑‍💻https://t.co/kSqbhUZOe8 pic.twitter.com/XiFVl0NK2M

— Santiment (@santimentfeed) May 30, 2022

In June, Cardano topped in development activity as its Github commits surpassed more than 13,000. Ahead of the much anticipated Vasil hard fork, in May, on-chain analytics firm Santiment reported that development activity on Cardano had hit all-time high levels, as ADA's team worked on innovating while prices were suppressed.

Recently, the number of Plutus scripts surpassed the 3,000 mark. Plutus Scripts refer to the smart contracts of the Cardano network. The continuously increasing number of it is a straight indicator of development activity in the ecosystem.

Builder tool Ogmios reaches new milestone

We are thrilled to announce that we've just published our first #Ogmios Java Client Version (v1.0.0).https://t.co/q3Kn4rXoCd

Ogmios Java Client Library is based on Ogmios JSON/RPC lightweight bridge interface for Cardano Node by @_KtorZ_.

— adabox.io (@AdaBoxIO) August 11, 2022

As shared by ktorz, the technical director of open source development at the Cardano Foundation, the first Ogmios Java Client Version (v1.0.0) has been published. The Ogmios Java Client is a Java library that can be used to convert Java objects to/from their Ogmios Requests/Responses JSON/RPC representations.

Ogmios is a lightweight bridge interface for Cardano nodes. It offers a WebSockets API that enables local clients to speak to Ouroboros' mini-protocols via JSON/RPC.

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