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All You Need to Know About VeChain (VET)’s Core Team

todaysgazette.com 18 February 2019 01:00, UTC
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VeChain (VET)’s Executive Team

Sunny Lu, the CEO of VeChain (VET), is a graduate of Electronics and Communication Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. A staunch believing of changing the world with the power of the blockchain technology, he formed VeChain (VET) in 2015 to

Jay Zhang, the Chief Finance Officer (CFO) joined the project in 2015 after recording a 14-year stint as a Senior Manager at PwC and Deloitte. Since joining the VeChain (VET) team, he has been making ground-breaking moves in the areas of digital asset management, and blockchain governance.

Kevin Feng joined as a Chief Operation Officer in January 2018. With his expertise in emerging technology and cyber-security (after working for 13 years at PwC), he has been driving the adoption of VeChain (VET) in the CH/HK region.

Jianliang Gu, the Chief Tech Officer is versed in cyber-security. He also brings his 16 years experience in hardware and software embedded system development in driving the fortunes of the project.

Marketing and Development Team of VeChain (VET)

The publicity and development team of the VeChain (VET) Foundation are expatriates in their various fields of operations. There is Richard Fu (VP-Marketing), who has helped top companies such as LVHM and Shangri-la Group in their marketing.

Chin Qian (the VP – Sales and Channel) was a former employee of HP and brings his wealth in project management to bear on the project. There is Bin Qian, the Chief Blockchain Developer who is versed in Peer-to-Peer networking and mobile app development. Peter Zhuo is the project’s Chief Scientist and his wealth of experience in scientific researches creates a silver lining in the air for the project.

VeChain (VET)’s Management Team

Jerome Grilleres, the GM for Europe, has relevant experience in the development of real-time trading applications and contributes his positive quota to the development of business and management strategies for the success of the project.

Sarah Nabaa heads the Singaporean region of the project. Earlier before her joining the team, she had a stint in the business world and eyes for investment. This reflects in her decision to sell her e-commerce firm and took to consulting startups on the best ways to stay ahead in digital competitions.

Scott Brisbin heads the legal department of the project, and prior to joining the team, he held brief for top brands such as Disney, Mick Jagger, and Rolling Stones. Noah Huo, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), has a lot of experience in his kitty. Formerly in the frontline of blockchain developers in PwC in CN/HK, he also ranks as a consultant in cyber-security and Financial Technology (FinTech).

Flora Wang is the project’s Chief Human Resource Officer, and VeChain (VET) could not have made a better choice. Prior to joining the team, she was a human resource business partner in Maserati APAC, and Louis Vuitton (North Asia).

Mike Zhuang, the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), takes charge of the extension of the project’s services to the international market and overlooks the strategic governance of the team.

A Team working in a Chain

From the portfolios and experiences of VeChain’s (VET) team members, it is clear that they work in tandem to bring the project’s services to the corridors of startups and multinational companies.

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