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Top 10 Words for 2021 in Collins Dictionary Counts in NFT, DOUBLE-VAXXED AND CHEUGY

cryptoknowmics.com 24 November 2021 09:58, UTC
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With NFT topping the list, Cheugy, Pingdemic, and Double-Vaxxed have been counted as the top 10 words of 2021 by Collins Dictionary. Experts at the dictionary acclaimed, "We've noticed around 11,000 percent elevation in the use of the word “NFT.”  

Collins Dictionary Counts in NFT, DOUBLE-VAXXED, AND CHEUGY

NFT is a module of stored data on a blockchain. It depicts an eccentric digital item, like graphic artwork which is non-substitutable because it can neither be replaced nor copied. In April 2021, the viral "disaster girl" meme traded the authentic photograph as an NFT for 180 Ether, worth $500,000 (£374,000). The M.D. of Collins Learning - Alex Beecroft says, "It's extraordinary for an abbreviation to witness such a "meteoric rise" in usage."

Since the Covid-19 restrictions have elevated across the United Kingdoms, pandemic interconnected words such as "pingdemic", "hybrid-working" and "double-vaxxed" are to date overshadowing the list. The word "pingdemic" turned up earlier in 2020 when a handful number of retailers were imposed to close shops after the NHS app "pinged" many wage earners commanding them to self-isolate. This was because the employees had been in contact with many with Covid-19.

Other Words Making to the List 

The word "climate anxiety" has also made its place in 2021's list. This unusual growth indicates the public's growing interest in the climate crisis. Moreover, the surged conversations surrounding gender identity and the depiction of trans and non-binary people have contributed to a climb in the use of "neopronouns".  During 2020, many high-profile figures have emerged out as non-binary. This includes The Crown star Emma Corrin, Elliot Page, and Demi Lovato.

Presently, in 2021's list, the same is witnessed. Several social media contents have been influenced, including popular culture. In March, the famous TikToker Hallie Cain created a video showcasing the definition of the word "cheugy".

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