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Interview with A. Filatov, co-founder of FreeTON

en.cryptonomist.ch 24 October 2021 10:09, UTC
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FreeTON, created by Alexander Filatov, wants to continue the TON project, Telegram’s original blockchain, following the popular messaging app’s abandonment of its dream of making it a reality. 


The history of TON

It was back in 2018 when people started talking about Telegram‘s blockchain project, TON, and its GRAM token. Since then, the initiative of one of the most used social networks in the crypto world has faced many difficulties and change of address and management: 

GRAM’s token sale had several problems with the American Security Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2019, but despite this the project seemed to proceed and the spokesman of TON Community Foundation (TCF), Fedor Skuratov, even declared that no one could prevent the launch of TON.

And so it was. Despite the departure of Telegram CEO Pavel Durov, the TON project continued. 

Alexander Filatov co-funder FreeTon

The current project without Telegram

In January 2021, the community took over the blockchain project, taking TON’s open source code and creating FreeTON, putting together a community of 10,000 enthusiasts who signed a kind of “decentralization declaration”, i.e. the project’s whitepaper.

Unfortunately, however, what FreeTON lacks is Telegram, i.e. a link to a mass app that could spread the project. Nonetheless, FreeTON has also issued its own token, TON Crystal.

The video interview with Alexander Filatov, FreeTON

After all these events, some of which were a bit confusing, The Cryptonomist decided to clarify and interview the co-founder of the project, Alexander Filatov.

Here is the video interview:

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