TRON Foundation responds to claims from former CTO, says he was "dismissed"

www.chepicap.com 2019-05-16 07:00
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Recently Chepicap reported that TRON CTO Lucien Chen had announced he was leaving the company, posting a Medium blog where he listed and explained his grievances with where the project is heading. Now, it seems the TRON Foundation has commented on the issue, claiming Chen was dismissed due to "misappropriation of funds," among other claims.

The information comes from the "Lucien Chen Megathread" on Reddit in which moderator of r/Tronix, pochachod, posted a response they received from the TRON Foundation concerning the incident. The response was as follows:

"According to the inspection department of TRON, former employees Z. Chen, J. Zhu, and X. Xie are suspected of misappropriation of funds, bribery, competitive infringement, and theft of trade secrets and intellectual property. Chen, Zhu, and Xie were dismissed in January, 2019 for violation of corporate policies and the law. Relevant documents and materials have been handed over to the judiciary. Z. Chen joined TRON in October, 2017 not as a co-founder but rather a technical leader."

A link to this thread was then posted to Twitter by Misha Lederman, co-founder of IAmDecentalized.org and TRON advocate:

A reported response from @Tronfoundation on the dismissal of CTO Lucien Chen, J. Zhu & X. Xie in Jan 2019 due to suspicion of misappropriation of funds, bribery, competitive infringement, & theft of trade secrets & intellectual property#TRON Reddit link:https://t.co/LeotF31NsS pic.twitter.com/RYMsn2J9rw

— Misha Lederman (@mishalederman) May 11, 2019

To add more credit to this response being the official stance from the foundation, CEO Justin Sun and the TRON Foundation have both since retweeted the link.

What makes the situation a bit curious is that until just yesterday Lucien Chen was still listed as CTO on his LinkedIn, and no word had ever come from the foundation officially on the situation. However, according to their own rebuttal, Chen was dismissed in January. Understandably, some in the community took note of this and were anywhere from confused to upset:

Should we as investors have been informed at the time? I don't know. I am however glad to see this confirmed by Justin and that it was handled appropriately

— Dave [Tron-Society] (@redpillblue1) May 11, 2019

Not only that but Xie was developing and publishing code for Tron throughout Jan, Feb and March... so how is that possible if he was dismissed in Jan?

— Corxia (@code_corxia) May 12, 2019

Justin, because of the Medium article by Lucien, you need to tweet or post or medium article to let the community know who had replaced Lucien. That replacement person needs to have a stellar resume and befitting for equal if not better replacement of Lucien. Necessary.

— JPapa (@tronmomma) May 12, 2019

Dont know if this is fake news or not what is true that the SRs are becoming shit... won't be long before Tron is ran by 27 sole enitities/persons and nobody is doing anything to stop it.

— Kurt Leyba (@kleyba04) May 12, 2019 

Though it seems this is the official story from TRON, it is unclear if/how Chen will respond, seeing as their two versions do not seem to match. As always, stay right here with Chepicap for all updates on this curious situation!

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