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Celebrity Chefs Support OneRare’s Vision to Explore A Gamified Food Metaverse - CoinQuora

coinquora.com 25 November 2021 10:30, UTC
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Blockchain technology is growing at a rapid pace and every project on the network is striving to keep up. The world’s first food metaverse, OneRare, had earlier announced it’s successful fundraise of $2 Million supported by notable angels and major funds players in crypto like Sandeep Nailwal (Polygon), Sebastien Borget (The Sandbox), Nischal Shetty (WazirX), Arkstream Capital, Momentum6, Exnetwork, X21 Digital, Enjinstarter, and many more.

With the fundraising round, the project is cutting through borders to bring out the best of food in different ways. As the global food and beverage industry grows into a boundless ecosystem, OneRare is taking advantage of this opportunity to maintain a stamp of relevance by building an international community to promote the cutting-edge foodverse, bolstering the global passion for food.

The project team has revealed its first collaboration with Masterchefs leading the F&B industry to take this foodverse experience to new frontiers. OneRare will be tokenizing the Chef’s signature dishes as non-fungible tokens and users in the game will be able to claim these unique artworks by collecting ingredients.

Top Celebrity Chefs, Arnold Poernomo (Indonesia), Saransh Goila (India), and Jaimie Van Heije (The Netherlands), are partnering with OneRare to celebrate the love of food across the globe, as a universal language and common ground in a gamified virtual world.

“From being a chef in my home kitchen to teaching and creating recipes virtually I’ve learnt that food really has no boundaries. Super excited to explore this new chapter of food in the metaverse by OneRare. The fact that you can create your favourite recipes in the metaverse and own dish NFTs is fascinating for me. I’m really looking forward to showcasing my favourite dishes on OneRare, and hoping to make the metaverse a delicious space!” says Saransh.

As the burgeoning GameFi and NFT sector keeps reaching a wider range of individuals, celebrity chefs joining the Foodverse will have a seamless interaction with global audiences as they walk them through amazing culinary concepts from their culture and journey as culinarians. 

For Jaimie, the space is exciting as not just a chef, but also a player, “I’m very in love with the idea of OneRare, like there is a connection in my restaurant with the food and the client. There is also a connection between crypto, the food and beverage sector. I truly love the idea and I can’t wait to play!”

Bringing the Global F&B Industry to the Blockchain 

OneRare has visualized a virtual realm in the blockchain industry where players can farm, trade, and claim unique Dishes, as well as interact with some wonderful mini-games, and earn.

Founded by Supreet Raju and Gaurav Gupta, OneRare has a vision of bringing the global food and beverage industry into the vast blockchain space. OneRare is keen on leading a future that will eventually bridge the gap between the food and beverage sector and the blockchain industry. The team is ready to grow its Foodverse with engaging gameplay that will bring the global F&B industry onto the blockchain for the first time while ensuring that the global appeal of food is unwavering.

By working closely with top chefs from various countries, OneRare is prepared to celebrate culinary delights from every nook and cranny of the world. There’s so much to expect from a foodverse built with foodies and game lovers in mind. And with top culinary artists on board, it will be a leading-edge project in this sector. The project is currently gearing up for its dual-IDO on popular launchpads, EnjinStarter and TrustPad.

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