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Hitler-Themed Art is Available on the NFT Market OpenSea

cryptoknowmics.com 09 October 2021 10:36, UTC
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The selling and trading of Hitler-themed and Nazi-glorifying art are now available on OpenSea, the world's largest NFT or non-fungible token market.

Hitler-themed Art Is Now Available On OpenSea

The $1.5 billion valued American start-ups, OpenSea is the largest trader of the NFTs, which are digital artworks that can be purchased using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and more often Ethereum. 

Some objects are sold in millions of dollars in the United States. Purchased products are kept on the blockchain, which is a permanent digital ledger in which every transaction is recorded and made public. 

However, according to the publication Vice, among OpenSea’s offers are a considerable number of Adolf Hitler-themed NFTs.

VICE reached out to OpenSea for comment, but they did not answer. According to the site’s terms and conditions of services they provide, it is “dedicated to providing a forum for the exchange of a wide range of information content that is controversial.”

OpenSea Offers Broadest Variety Of Assets Feasible While Encouraging Trust, Respect, & Obedience To The Law

The rules of service, however, state that services that encourage "hatred or violence against others" will be deleted. According to the terms of service, OpenSea "offers the broadest variety of assets available while encouraging trust and respect, as well as conformity to the law."

It’s not the first time that online shopping sites have been criticized for stocking Nazi-themed merchandise and memorabilia. 

In the past, e-commerce behemoths like Amazon and eBay have faced criticism for selling Nazi-related antiques and items on their platforms.

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