These Are the Top 10 Crypto Assets to Hold As Bitcoin Bull Wave Arrives, According to Trader Tyler Swope

dailyhodl.com 2020-10-23 11:00
Reading time: ~2 m

Analyst and influencer Tyler Swope is revealing the top ten crypto picks in his portfolio.

Swope, who anticipates a big Bitcoin bull wave to close out the year, says he’s still a Chainlink (LINK) proponent despite its losses in the past two months. He remains a big believer in the decentralized oracle network and says LINK is still his number one pick for HODLing. The altcoin now makes up 40% of his portfolio.

“So why am I going to still hold every single one of my LINK with a grip tighter than Sly Stallone? Well it comes down to two things: Staking with LINK is still on the horizon, and rollups – not the fruit type.” 

The crypto trader notes that the much-hyped Arbitrum Rollup’s new testnet will be run by Chainlink nodes. LINK is trading at $10.80 at time of writing, down from its all-time-high of $19.85 in mid-August, according to CoinMarketCap.

Swope’s number two HODL pick is Bitcoin, but he says that evaluation is close to changing. BTC makes up 17% of portfolio.

Ethereum is his number three pick after the asset’s 82% price increase since late May. ETH represents 12% of his portfolio and he says he’s planning on adding to that position.

Energy Web Token (EWT) is at number four in Swope’s portfolio after nearly 94% gains since late May. The analyst reports that the German government partnered with Energy Web to build a prototype identity registry for Germany’s energy market. EWT is 6% of his portfolio.

REN is Swope’s number five, with gains of nearly 300% since late May. It’s also 6% of his portfolio. Number six is Unibright (UBT), which lost value since May and is now just 5% of his portfolio, down from 15% in late May.

Kusama (KSM) is his seventh HODL pick after increasing more than 400% in value since late May. The asset is 3% of his portfolio. Number eight is Rocket Pool (RPL), which, by contrast, only saw about a 12% increase since May. RPL is 2% of his portfolio.

Swope’s ninth pick is XDAI Stake (STAKE), which makes up 1% of his portfolio, and his tenth pick is Sora (XOR), also at 1%.